Sunday, September 27, 2015

Concilio and intercambios equals a busy week!

Hi family, 9/21/15

Crazy week. We were in Alcobendas Monday and Tuesday. The first day, we went contacting with members and I got to be with Z! It was so good to see her and talk to her again. She said S is doing good on her mission. Tuesday, we had
concilio with President and Hermana Pack and all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders.

We got to stay at the mission home for the night with the sister training leaders from the north and it was a blast!! It was funny sitting in pajamas with the Pack family and talking at the end of the night and also doing family prayers. I just love them! President Pack was an angel and offered to take me and Hermana Marsh to the airport in the morning on Wednesday even though it was super early.

Wednesday and Thursday we were in Tenerife doing intercambios. I went with Hermana McEntire from Colorado. This was her first ever intercambio and she loved it. She's a sweetheart. She just started her mission not too long ago. It was fun to experience an intercambio in a really different area than my own, but I prefer my island; as I have come to love it so.

We had our zone training after intercambios too and it was hard... Our zone is in different islands, so we did our meeting over polycam. It was not my favorite way to meet. It was way harder to insure everyone was involved. We got a picture of our zone at the end. It's funny. We are missing a companionship though because their polycam wasn't working, so they had to skype.

Stake conference was yesterday too. We had that over polycam too because it was in Tenerife. President and Hermana Pack spoke. I just love them! Hermana Pack is learning Spanish and she gave her testimony in Spanish without her translator and it was perfect. She is just precious. Anyway, the islands have only been a stake for two years. It was interesting. They talked about the sabbath day and the councils that the church has. It was really great. The stake president, Presidente Denis is amazing. I took soooooo many notes. It was like everything he said was just golden.
Baptism of S. 

And then we had a baptism! S got baptized! It was great! And her ex came and he was really moved by it.  D and M came and they both loved it. D is letting us know tomorrow about his upcoming baptism. Really there is no rush, but I would love for Hermana Marsh to be able to see him get baptized.

So at concilio, zone training and also stake conference, we talked about repentance and the importance of it for members and also investigators. We also talked a ton about the sabbath day and the importance of keeping the sabbath day holy. The quorum of the twelve and the first presidency met and decided that what the members today need to increase their faith is to keep the sabbath day holy. Of all the things they felt we needed to hear, that was it. It's amazing. It's a problem here in Spain, and elsewhere really. He asked what happened with the commitment that we made with God when we were baptized. He said no commitment is more important than the commitment we make with God when we are baptized, so Sunday shouldn't come with excuses like, "I can't, I have ________ to do" because our baptismal commitment should come first. Basically, I just learned that there is no reason to ever keep from obeying this commandment. Also, we talked a lot about repentance in concilio. We got a list of quotes from the quorum of the twelve about repentance. It was golden.
My personal favorite was by Elder Bednar, "It can’t be repentance unless it involves the Redeemer, even if they confess." We just emphasized the importance of the atonement in the repentance process and how if more people understood what repentance was and the importance of it before baptism, we would retain more members. It's so true. Repentance is a huge blessing, not a burden. I hope you all know that. That's the one thing the people that I am teaching understand. I love repentance, it's beautiful.
Me and Z !

Anyway, I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Hermana Griffin

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