Saturday, September 12, 2015

Over 100º and melting!

I 've officially hit 8 months in the mission! Crazy, huh?
Literally all of our amazing investigators dropped off the face of the earth this week. That's the worst feeling ever. We didn'tget to meet with M. last week, but we're meeting tonight! He is just great.
So, it poured the other day, which normally, I'd hate, but it was
 about a 100º and so it was welcomed.
It just rained for about an hour straight. We were in it just walking, enjoying it while everyone was hiding under awnings and such. They looked at us like  crazy people. It  was fun. 
So, we had a ward activity. It was an international dinner and everyone brought food from their countries and then we ended   with a talent show. Of course, us Americans brought the dessert.  I brought peanut butter cookies and even though they were  made with gross Spanish peanut butter, They were a hit! And  of course, us missionaries danced and to feed the stereotype  that we're all country bumpkins, we danced the cotton eyed joe

 This activity made me really  miss the U.S., especially the closer we get to the 4th. Someone eat a hamburger and apple pie for me! It was 102 yesterday and from today on, we have a week and a half straight of 105 degree weather. I'm trying not to die. I'm hoping I get transferred somewhere cooler, but that's unlikely.
 Speaking of transfers, they are next weekend and I'm really sad because Elder Bybee is finishing his mission and Hermana Kelemen will probably be leaving because she's been here for 6 months. Speaking of them, I've attached a picture in the other email of the
beautiful people I serve with.

We were stopped by this strange guy about a week ago. We decided to meet with him this week and it turns out, he is an old investigator from about 2 1/2 years ago. He is so awesome. His name is D and he is from Turkey. Turns out, he's also like a millionaire... But he's cool. He called us the next day and told us he also wants us to teach his friend, which is awesome!
So we were walking and another guy contacted us. We've seen him before, his name is R, but he works handing out fliers for a restaurant and we can't stop people who are working, so we've never talked before. He stopped us and asked us for Book of Mormon and a Bible and talked about his religious beliefs and everything. Well, he is a very expressive Colombian and is talking sooooo much with his hands the whole time we're talking that I just start ignoring his hand gestures and such until what I thought was a hand gesture, turned into him grabbing me and hugging me and rocking with me during the hug. I was shocked. And he starts talking again and tells us, more about him and his beliefs and such and as we go to say goodbye, he grabs my chin, like you'd expect a grandma to do, and then pulls me in for another rocking hug. So awkward. My companion was just hysterical. Anyway, he's pretty cool, we're gonna meet him this week hopefully.
  I got really sick. Like really sick. I woke up Wednesday night just puking uncontrollably and all day Thursday too. I couldn't keep anything down and I had the pleasure of reliving everything I'd eaten in the last 48 hours. Sorry, probably more than you'd care to know. Here's nothing like being sick in a different country to make you
realize that you just really miss being home and your mom.
Other than that, things are good here. Slow, but good. Pray that I don't die in the street from the heat. I'm glad everyone is doing well! Know that I love you all and am constantly praying for you!

Love you lots!
Hermana Griffin

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