Saturday, September 12, 2015

Thanks for Birthday wishes!

Hi family! 8/03/15
Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! It was a fantastic day,really. I walked into our study room and Hermana Spencer and Hermana Vilariño had put balloons and sticky notes and such everywhere. It was cute. They also bought me a birthday sash. After, we went to 
correlation, nothing spectacular. Then the Hermanas from barrio 6 called me. They sang me happy birthday. So sweet! So we went to the chapel and they gave me brownies and chocolate and a sweet card. Then, we went to Arganda to eat with N and C. The food was sooooo good and after, we had cake. Then, we went back to the church to meet up with A and S. They couldn't find me a cake, so theybought cookies and sang the Venezuelan birthday song over cookies. Then we taught them the primary birthday
songs. They are the sweetest. Then we went and took some pictures in front of the temple with them. Then we met A. Started off great. But we ended up having to drop him. It was really upsetting. It's the first time I ever dropped someone that I've ever cried. I know I did everything I could, but how could I not get my friend to listen to me? It made me question myself a lot. But, I know he'll have his chance to hear and accept the gospel again if it is what the Lord wants for him. I did intercambios twice this week because I'm sister training leader. I practiced it with Hermana Irigoyen first. It was good. She's an incredible teacher and isn't afraid of anything or anyone. Then, I practiced with Hermana Hill. She is from Missouri. She is just the sweetest. She is only one transfer behind me. I swear I learned more from her than she did from me. She is incredible. She is 100% dedicated to being obedient. I really admire that about her. She's so funny. She is a really great leader. I wouldn't be surprised if she trains in the next transfer or is Hermana training leader or something.    That's pretty much the week. President called me to talk to me about my zone. He is really great. Super personable. I really love and appreciate him! We're having another concilio net week actually! I'm sooooo excited     Have a great week! Thanks again everyone! Also, I officially have under 9 months left...

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