Saturday, September 12, 2015

Hot and out of water to drink

Hi family! 7/20/15
typical day at train station
This week was a whirlwind, so fast and crazy! But the good kind of crazy. So first of all, S is getting baptized this Saturday at noon. She is sooooo excited and it makes me so happy to see that. We went to a ward baptism with her this week of a little girl and she loved it. The girl was baptized by her dad and it was really cute and sweet and you could feel the spirit. She loved it and it made her even more excited for her baptism!
hot day out of water
So P, the guy I mentioned last week who lived in Canada for a while... He came to church with his fiancée, Y, and her daughter and they all loved it and said they'd all be back next week before we even got a chance to mention anything about church next week. They are really cool! We're meeting with them tonight actually.  We taught M the word of wisdom because he is has a hard time with the Word of wisdom when we meet. So, we taught it and he agreed to live it! Which honestly was the biggest surprise ever because he didn't seem like it'd be something he'd accept... Hopefully he sees the blessings of it and continues on with it! We had a zone conference and met President and his family. They are literally the best. No joke. I love them! They make me feel so at home.
They really are like parents. We had interviews too with President and I loved that too. He's a really wonderful guy. His wife is so funny and so southern. She's from Louisiana. They have two kids here, a 13 year old son and a 15 year old daughter. I've decided I will be friends with their daughter. She's awesome. Anyway, I get to go to Alcobendas tomorrow for leadership training and I'm so excited to see Alcobendas again, even if I'm just in the mission home. Today we went to Torrejon for pday. We played volleyball and had a water balloon fight. Super fun. We came to see Hermana Kelemen. She's the best. Anyway, that's about it for now. Things are just crazy busy trying to get ready for S baptism. It hasn't been too hot here this week, but it's supposed to get hotter.  I love you all. Have a great week! 

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