Sunday, February 28, 2016

old friends meet again

Hi beautiful family! 2/15/16 This was from last week , sorry mix up in dates!

Things are good here. Slower week because we were sick and were gross and mucusy and no one really wanted to talk to us. But we're good now, almost 100% healthy. But anyway, on a plus side, this is a funny story from this week and an accurate illustration of the love my comp has for me. So, we are sick, blowing our noses like every 5 minutes, but we were close to a menos activo's house in an area that we almost never go to and so we decided to pass by. Well, the wife was sick and the husband just got home from school and was taking care of the kids, so we decided to do their dishes for them. So, we're almost done, and my nose is running so much, so i tell my comp to stop drying and go into my coat pocket and get a Kleenex for me. So she goes, can't find my packet of tissues, so instead grabs my gross wet tissue that I'd been using and runs in and tries to wipe my nose for me. And she almost did, until I made awkward eye contact with the member and he was judging hardcore... So that was awkward and super funny and then my comp peed her pants when we walked out because it was so funny. So good times here together. Anyway, so I love her and she loves me. We're oddly alike and teach so well together.

Also, everyone here is crazy. Every new member or menos activo we meet has some crazy story and the stories are just getting weirder or weirder. So, that's kind of freaking us out a bit.... We're not really sure how to tell what is true and what isn't and who to trust. But we're working on it. Little victories. We are planning two ward activities, first a relief society activity in 2 weeks to teach the hermanas how to make chocolate chip cookies and then in a month to have an empanada cook-off! We're gonna make a trophy with a golden empanada on top. They bishopric okay-ed it, now we just need an official date.

Today we went to the Titanic Exhibit 
and it was so cool! Also, the other cool part was going with my old comps and S and A! And after we went for arepas. So fun! I love them all so much! S said they are still planning on coming to the US in August or September to be sealed. They are just waiting to find out their
vacation dates and they will plan everything more. I feel so blessed
to have such strong and amazing converts. Love them!


Well I love you lots. I hope you have a great week!
Hermana Griffin

building relationships

Hi family! 2/22/16

This week was good. Where to start?

So we completely cleaned out the carpeta de area. We called or passed by every single one of them and reorganized it all. It's nice and clean now. Anyway, got that all taken care of, which feels nice.

We had almost all of our menos activos in church yesterday which felt great! Also, we had someone who we had contacted come to church. We've never taught her before or anything, but she agreed to coming to church and loved it and said she'd be there next week. She asked if
she could help volunteer to clean the church because she'd like to serve. She's so sweet. Her name is M. She's going through a lot of trials right now so hopefully her efforts to put the Lord first
will help her in the long run. Also, the ward really went out of the way to welcome her which is soooo unusual for them! But I'm glad they did. We're really building our relationships with them and obviously seeing the fruits of that. Also, they are having us lead an activity on how to make chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves us because we bake with them and help heir families set spiritual family goals. What more could you want?

Also, we have an investigator named L. that we met at soccer with the ward. He is a 17 year old Venezuelan and really seems to have a desire to learn. At first I was concerned he was more interested in my companion than the gospel, but the more we meet, the more I can tell that he's really interested in what we share. He's awesome, we just need to get him to church.

E dropped off the face of the world, so no baptism. But we ran into him today on the metro, so hopefully we can reestablish contact with him.

We are working with the American family still. 
We went out with J and the kids today for pday. All of our pday plans fell through, but we still had fun walking around with them and the elders. Their daughter is crazy! She has sooooo much energy. Well, my comp is wonderful. I love her. We have a fun time together. Weird things happen with us all the time and we're both just weird, so it's good. Well, I'm positive I'm forgetting something important, but ya know. I'll tell you all next week. Also, almost all of my friends go home either this transfer or next. So sad! I love you lots. Have a great week! Hermana Griffin

Sunday, February 14, 2016

great blessings

2/8/16 Hola Familia!
I'm ok, I love my new comp. She's the best! We have been working really hard this week to find because we want to have a baptism this transfer even though it's only 5 weeks, but we know that if we do our part, the lord will do his! We are talking to everyone, praying lots and being as exactly obedient as possible and so far so good. We've already seen some fruits of our work. I'm so so so thankful to be here with Hermana Charlesworth, she's a great addition to the ward.

So, this week we had a mission tour with Elder Moreira of the Seventy and it was really amazing. He talked about obedience and humility and I really learned a lot. And then, we had the blessing to hear from him two more times at the end of the week when he taught us at stake conference. The first night, all of the speakers talked a lot about obedience, sacrifice and the family. Something Elder Moreira said that I really liked that really made me think was, "Cuanto más obedientes
somos, lo más sacrificio el señor va a exigir de nosotros" so, the more obedient we are, the more sacrifice the Lord will require of us. It was interesting to think about that. It's true, the more
commandments we follow and the more obedient we are to the Lord, the more we have to sacrifice, but Elder Moreira promised that sacrifice for the Lord is always worth it.

At the stake conference, I got to see K, my investigator from Alcobendas and her two kids. They have since been baptized, but this is the first time I had seen them. She could not thank me enough for finding her and helping her and her family come into the gospel. She told me she is currently waiting to receive her patriarchal blessing 
and preparing to go to the temple for the first time in May and will be sealed as well. And it hit me... I will be here in May! I felt so blessed to have made the decision to stay and can see now why the Lord had impressed me to accept the invitation from President to stay. She invited me to go with her to the temple and of course told her I would not miss it for the world! So things are great. We're working hard and I sincerely love my companion. She is absolutely wonderful and we do so well together. Expect to hear about some miracles! I know we're gonna see great things  this transfer! Have a great week! I love you all! Hermana Griffin PS Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Surprise transfers!

2/01/16  Hi family,
Ready for this? We got transfer notices on Saturday and we found out we were staying together. I had accepted it, I was content. And this morning, we had just talked about what we wanted to do for pday and then started studies and... President calls. It's never good when President calls unexpectedly. Anyway. He said that he didn't feel good about the changes he had made to another companionship and that one of the Hermanas needed me. He said she needs help in her mission, not that she's a bad missionary, but she's struggling somehow and he said I can help her. So, yet again, here I am, the fixer haha.
   Anyway, so we had 2 hours this morning to pack my companion's suitcases and go to Chamartin, put my companion on a train and pick up my new companion. So, my new companion is Hermana Charlesworth. She is 21 from Utah and has 6 months in the mission. So far so good, I mean, I've only been with her 3 hours, but she seems normal and nice, so that's good! And she likes to work, so, I'm super excited for that! She has a good attitude and seems super positive, maybe she's just what this ward needs to get it moving. And, two of my favorite people, Hermana Spencer and Hermana Marsh are now companions, and I could not be happier! How awesome.

Anyway, this week was good! We met with E and he accepted a baptismal date for February 27th. He's got a ways to go still, but it's possible. He needs to be a bit more humble still, but little by
little. He for once brought his son to church. He was afraid he'd make a fuss and be irreverent, but he loved it and in fact was a bit sad to leave. So that too is progress.

We had a lot of help from the Relief Society President this week and am hoping other members will follow her lead and come to lessons with us. Not only is she helping with the investigators b also the menos activos! Woohoo! Also, my companion had a sudden desire to ask just about everyone we know for references, so that's exciting. All of our references this week were from members!

We were with Hermana K on Saturday and she was telling her son to go study and he didn't want to. She said if you don't do it now, when are you going to do it? And he said, mom I have a whole day to do it (referring to Sunday). She told him it was not ok to do it on Sunday because it's the sabbath and he told her well if we can go to my brother's rugby game and go out with old friends like last Sunday why can't I do homework. I felt bad watching and listening, but she didn't have anything to say to that, and I think it made her realize more than we ever could the example they are setting for their kids. So, we were quite thrilled to see the whole family at church on Sunday!

So, President Pack has put an emphasis on helping with home and visiting teaching because it's something fairly infrequent and pretty much forgotten here.  So, we are being assigned families and a companion to try and help advance the work. I'm pretty excited. Anyway, for the 3rd hour
yesterday in church, for our combined lesson, they talked about home and visiting teaching and how it should be done. It wasn't a bad lesson, but I think they could've been a bit for fuerte. Anyway this new member stood up to comment and mentioned the fact that they have now lived in our ward for 5 weeks and no one has even talked to them or even smiled at them, let alone visit them. This member is from the US and him and his wife and two little kids just moved here so he can study. Anyway, I went to talk to him after because I had wanted to visit them, but figured if ever there was a time, it was now after him essentially crying for help. I talked to him and said we wanted to visit him and get to know his family. He said his wife would really use it because she just moved thousands of miles from family, which is hard, and moved into the least loving ward I have ever been in, which is also hard, and to top it off, was already struggling with her faith. So he said she has kind of hit a wall and doesn't want to go back. So, I'm hoping we can help.

In Las Palmas news, D baptized our investigator V! So stinking happy! Saw a picture today and just about died. I have never felt so happy and proud. V has come such a long way and how
amazing for D to be a part of that. I love them all in Las Palmas!

I don't feel like much more has happened this week that is terribly interesting. This week we have a mission tour and one of the Seventy will be coming to speak and then at the end of the week, there is stake conference and I'll get to see all the people I love from Alcobendas too, as well as hear from the Seventy and President and Hermana Pack.

To answer your question, roscon is not like fruit cake. It's wayyyyyyy better. It's delicious. You'll love it. Anyway, they only really sell it in December and the first couple weeks of January. But, we found it in a bakery this week, and it was super cheap! So, enjoy these photos.
It comes in a cute little fancy box and                                                                   looks like this.
Well, I love you all tons. Have a good week!
Hermana Griffin