Sunday, February 28, 2016

building relationships

Hi family! 2/22/16

This week was good. Where to start?

So we completely cleaned out the carpeta de area. We called or passed by every single one of them and reorganized it all. It's nice and clean now. Anyway, got that all taken care of, which feels nice.

We had almost all of our menos activos in church yesterday which felt great! Also, we had someone who we had contacted come to church. We've never taught her before or anything, but she agreed to coming to church and loved it and said she'd be there next week. She asked if
she could help volunteer to clean the church because she'd like to serve. She's so sweet. Her name is M. She's going through a lot of trials right now so hopefully her efforts to put the Lord first
will help her in the long run. Also, the ward really went out of the way to welcome her which is soooo unusual for them! But I'm glad they did. We're really building our relationships with them and obviously seeing the fruits of that. Also, they are having us lead an activity on how to make chocolate chip cookies. Everyone loves us because we bake with them and help heir families set spiritual family goals. What more could you want?

Also, we have an investigator named L. that we met at soccer with the ward. He is a 17 year old Venezuelan and really seems to have a desire to learn. At first I was concerned he was more interested in my companion than the gospel, but the more we meet, the more I can tell that he's really interested in what we share. He's awesome, we just need to get him to church.

E dropped off the face of the world, so no baptism. But we ran into him today on the metro, so hopefully we can reestablish contact with him.

We are working with the American family still. 
We went out with J and the kids today for pday. All of our pday plans fell through, but we still had fun walking around with them and the elders. Their daughter is crazy! She has sooooo much energy. Well, my comp is wonderful. I love her. We have a fun time together. Weird things happen with us all the time and we're both just weird, so it's good. Well, I'm positive I'm forgetting something important, but ya know. I'll tell you all next week. Also, almost all of my friends go home either this transfer or next. So sad! I love you lots. Have a great week! Hermana Griffin

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