Sunday, February 28, 2016

old friends meet again

Hi beautiful family! 2/15/16 This was from last week , sorry mix up in dates!

Things are good here. Slower week because we were sick and were gross and mucusy and no one really wanted to talk to us. But we're good now, almost 100% healthy. But anyway, on a plus side, this is a funny story from this week and an accurate illustration of the love my comp has for me. So, we are sick, blowing our noses like every 5 minutes, but we were close to a menos activo's house in an area that we almost never go to and so we decided to pass by. Well, the wife was sick and the husband just got home from school and was taking care of the kids, so we decided to do their dishes for them. So, we're almost done, and my nose is running so much, so i tell my comp to stop drying and go into my coat pocket and get a Kleenex for me. So she goes, can't find my packet of tissues, so instead grabs my gross wet tissue that I'd been using and runs in and tries to wipe my nose for me. And she almost did, until I made awkward eye contact with the member and he was judging hardcore... So that was awkward and super funny and then my comp peed her pants when we walked out because it was so funny. So good times here together. Anyway, so I love her and she loves me. We're oddly alike and teach so well together.

Also, everyone here is crazy. Every new member or menos activo we meet has some crazy story and the stories are just getting weirder or weirder. So, that's kind of freaking us out a bit.... We're not really sure how to tell what is true and what isn't and who to trust. But we're working on it. Little victories. We are planning two ward activities, first a relief society activity in 2 weeks to teach the hermanas how to make chocolate chip cookies and then in a month to have an empanada cook-off! We're gonna make a trophy with a golden empanada on top. They bishopric okay-ed it, now we just need an official date.

Today we went to the Titanic Exhibit 
and it was so cool! Also, the other cool part was going with my old comps and S and A! And after we went for arepas. So fun! I love them all so much! S said they are still planning on coming to the US in August or September to be sealed. They are just waiting to find out their
vacation dates and they will plan everything more. I feel so blessed
to have such strong and amazing converts. Love them!


Well I love you lots. I hope you have a great week!
Hermana Griffin

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