Sunday, September 20, 2015

Flying to Madrid for concilio!

Hey family! 9/14/15 
 Currently in the airport! We are flying to Madrid for two days for concilio. Then, on Wednesday, we'll fly to Tenerife for Zone Training and also to finish intercambios with the rest of the hermanas from the islands. It's crazy, 4 days away from our area and the people we teach. It's been hard to plan how to see everyone when we get back and kind of frustrating, but I know it'll be worth it and that they will all be taken care of.
  This week, I did intercambios with Hermana Judd and that was a blast. I didn't realize how much I missed her from the CCM. It was fun being able to teach with her again but actually understanding what people were saying to us and being able to communicate easily. She's a great missionary, which doesn't surprise me at all. She will for sure be training next transfer because Hermana Clements is finishing her mission.
  We set a baptismal date with M. She's doing good. She's really lonely since F left for Brazil, so we're trying to visit her a little more to help her not be so lonely.
  D is doing great! Some confusion here and there, but all in all he is doing good. He is still thinking the 26th of this month for his baptism, but we want to insure that he is firm and has a strong testimony rather than have another baptismal number. He's great though. He came to our weekly Noche de Hogar with the Mesa family yesterday and it went really good.
  Speaking of which, I am pretty sure I have never mentioned the M's, which makes me feel horrible because going to their house each week is my favorite. It's H and M and their two girls J, 12 and N, 7. N is the cutest little girl in the world and she just adores us. She runs and gives us giant hugs at church on Sunday's. We do NDH in their house with H's mom, P and their home teacher, L. L is so funny! He is a crazy Venezuelan, literally. But I admire him so much because he really understands the importance of his calling as a home teacher. He is obsessed with Ford too which I think is funny. So naturally I'm his favorite, being from Michigan. Anyway, the M's always have their house open to us and our investigators. They are both return missionaries. I just love them. 

3rd birthday for K.
S is doing good!
13th birthday celebration
Her baptism will be this Sunday night after Stake Conference. She is so excited and so are her girls. L is doing good too, still trying to figure out what's next in her life. V is good. She broke a little bone in her foot and had a cast for a bit, but now she's up and walking. Her and the family have some difficulties and need our prayers, it's really not ideal for us to be leaving right now, but I know the Lord will take care of her.
G and C and the kids finally came to church! G and the kids are members, but C is not. They haven't been in about 6 months, but we visit them and eat with them weekly and they came this Sunday! They surprised us and D, their daughter who is 8 ran and jumped and gave me a hug when she saw me at church. So cute! They are just wonderful.   We had some lessons with new people this week. First a guy named D. He is nice and has potential, but he works a tonnnn! But the nice thing is that he lives right by us and the chapel. Then, a girl named M. She was someone that the elders from Tenerife contacted while they were here for Zone Conference. She is awesome! She had a classmate in college that was Mormon so she knows a lot really, but she asked really good questions. And she wants us to talk to a friend of hers as well. It's amazing how great the gospel is that people notice a difference because of it and want to share it. Then P and M, two sisters from Peru. P lived in Toronto for two years and met missionaries there, so she knows a little, but it's been about 10 years. They are sweet and very open minded. 
  I think that's all. Me and Hermana Marsh are doing great together. I love her! I'm hoping we stay together one more transfer.
view from a members... reminds me of home!
We'll see. Hopefully we can get some hints from President or Hermana Pack while we are in Madrid about what is going to happen during transfers. Anyway, I love you all. I'm doing well. Super well. I'm very happy! I hope you all have a good week. Hermana Griffin

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