Saturday, September 12, 2015

Transfers and good byes

7/6/15 Hola familia!

So, this week was super sad because it was Elder Bybee's last week in the mission and Hermana Kelemen got transferred today. Mostly this week was just a bunch of "lasts" together which is the 
worst part of the mission.

Once again, our investigators have dropped off the face of the earth. It's so frustrating. But I suppose the Lord wants me to learn something from this process and experience.

We had a change in our mission president this week, but so far I haven't met or seen him and still nothing is changed. We will be meeting him at least the 17th, if not sooner.

Our investigator L. accepted a baptismal date for the 8th of August. I'm super excited. She has family in the church in her country and I think that is and will be a huge help. She is really excited to know about the temple, so we are giving her a "tour" this week!

S was baptized the 4th! I'm so happy! I of course wasn't there,
but I was so happy to hear it. Also, J from Barrio 3 and S from
Barrio 3 (my investigators) accepted baptismal dates as well!

This week, we were walking and talking in English, and we walked by
this guy, who turns and says hello. So we asked if he spoke English.
His name is A. and he is from Equatorial Guinea. He is so awesome!
He speaks French, Spanish, Portuguese and English. Anyway, he asked
why we were here and so we explained that we were missionaries. Before
we could even ask, he asked if he could give us his number and if we could meet sometime. Awesome guy! We're gonna meet tonight actually.

We got transfer calls this weekend, and I am staying in Barrio 8 with Hermana Spencer. Hermana Kelemen went to Torrejon and Hermana Irigoyen is staying here with a Spaniard named Hermana Vilariño. Also, I am
sister training leader now. Super crazy. I'm excited but nervous. I have a lot of intercambios to do and a lot of Hermanas to oversee.
It'll be good though, I'm sure.

That's about it. One of our members is from Nigeria and he had some
friends from Nigeria here this week. His friend asked where I was from and I told him Michigan. He started freaking out because he has family who lives in Detroit. He called his family and I talked to some people in Michigan! So crazy. It was strange, but somehow it made me feel so much closer to home.

I love you all. Have a great week Here is a blurry picture for the
week. Sorry. It's us just before we sent off Hermana Kelemen. Also, me and Hermana Kelemen with a member on the 4th. We were all red white and blue.

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