Saturday, September 12, 2015

Transfers OH MY !

Hey family, 8/17/15
So surprising transfer news. So, I knew they were going to put the sister training leaders together and put sister training leaders in all the zones, but it never even occurred to me that I could have been leaving my zone. I thought I'd stay in my zone but be in a different area. But, surprise! So, I'm the first official Sister Training Leader ever on the islands, and I have to train my companion how to be a sister training leader too. So I'm training someone older than me and being area trained too. Craziness. But anyway, I will be on Gran Canaria with Hermana Marsh.
 Also, as Sister Training Leader, I'll be traveling to the other islands to do intercambios with the other Hermanas. So exciting! The bad news, I'll be here for at least 3 transfers, more likely 4. I hope I don't get island sick and also fat.... Because all the missionaries there do. Anyway, this morning was locura. We went to catch the metro to go to Chamartin to meet with the other missionaries going to the islands and with the office elders so they could take us to the airport. We were supposed to all meet in Chamartin at 5:30 and turns out, buses and metros don't run until 5:30... So we called the office elders, Hermana Turina and her companion took a taxi to our area and the office elders came and picked us up. We got to baggage check... I was 7 kilos over weight. I took out everything possible, still 2.5 kilos over and the nice man at baggage check let me go. We made it 5 minutes before they closed the gate. Miracles exist, people!

I said bye to everyone yesterday which was super sad. The hardest was saying goodbye to S. She started crying. I felt bad because we got transfer calls Saturday night, which was her birthday, and I heard she cried the rest of the night. But to say goodbye, she brought us tequeños which are basically the best thing ever and also Arepas!
 I just love her! Her and A will be getting married at the end of this month and they had wanted me and Hermana Spencer to go and be witnesses, but now I won't be there Weary face but that's ok, because next August/September, they are coming to be sealed in the temple in the United States! They're already planning their trip. Other than her, saying goodbye wasn't terribly hard because the missionaries aren't very integrated in the ward here. Someone asked me just last week if I was new... So that was awkward. Anyway. I'll miss the Hermanas most. Mostly Hermana Spencer because she really became one of my best friends. We had another concilio in the mission home. Super fuerte! President Pack, Hermana Pack and the ayudantes, talked a lot about obedience and 
how if we want our mission to be obedient, we as leaders have to do it first. So, the next day we went to the temple as a zone and the day after, we had zone meeting... And president came! He told me how much he loved my discussion and lesson that I taught. I just love President, I just get him and the way he teaches. In other news, I might have a stress fracture in my foot, we're not sure how, but it's nothing to worry about.  President and Hermana Pack are keeping a close eye on me. But for now, I have a really attractive boot thing that I get to wear.
 I'll wear it for a week and if there is no change, I'll go to the doctor. That's pretty much it! Sorry. I love you all. Pray for me because I'm so incredibly nervous!! I'm not sure why, really. I love you all. I hope all is well! Have a great week!

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