Saturday, September 12, 2015

Life is peachy

Hi family! 8/31/15
Still just enjoying paradise here in the islands. Things are fantastic, like usual. Also, I somehow am now at 10 months in the mission. Weird. To celebrate, me and Hermana Marsh got ice cream...
She has a sweet tooth like me... Which is the worst. Anyway.
  We met the M and they're just great. We even met with the son this time and now the whole family is meeting with us! They're just great. The husband wants to get baptized, but he's the only one, so we're not sure what to do because a baptismal invitation and date will for sure divide the family. But little by little we'll get there. The lessons with them are amazing, we can always feel the spirit so strong in their lessons.
  We went to teach D the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he asked about the commandments and it just seemed like we should teach him about the big three commandments. So, we did. Which is so unusual in one lesson, to throw all that at someone, but the thing is, it was perfect for him! He loved it! He loved and agreed with all the word of wisdom, agreed with and loved the blessings of the law of chastity, and understood and appreciated tithing. He's the greatest. He came to church yesterday and just loved it! He's amazing. I'm really excited to see what happens next with him.
  M. was on vacation, so we didn't get to see her this week.., yet she still came to church! It was great! She really liked it, again. We'll try and set a baptismal date this week with her.
  We got failed all day Friday and Saturday, which was sad, but we saw a miracle. We were walking to pass by a few members and decided to change the order we were going to see them and on the way, we found an amazing woman named J. She met with missionaries about 20 years
ago and said she was thinking about us the day before and so she was super excited to see us. She said she just needs happiness in her life right now and she said she thinks we have it. We're gonna try and meet this week with her.
Anyway, we ate with some members from Brazil this week and they fed each of us a baked potato, the size of the plate, covered in plantain, chicken, corn, cheese, bacon, and like chili.... So good!  [NOW I know WHY missionaries gain weight here!] And after, we had a strawberry coconut cake for dessert. So yummy! Then, yesterday, we had 3 types of cake in 1 hour. So much cake. Sunday's
are the worst because everyone we see always wants to feed us and they all want to stuff us. It's too much. But so good!
  Anyway, life is peachy. A bit boring, the usual. But my comp is amazing and our investigators and members are awesome. Also, tomorrow 
fun pic from last week
we have zone conference, so we had all the missionaries from theislands here today with president and his family and we played sports and then watched Meet the Mormons. And tonight, we are doing intercambios with some of the island hermanas and Hermana Pack. Also, for the next two days, we will be doing intercambios. Since we're on the islands, intercambios are super long to make the most of it. Fun fun! I'll let you know how it goes.

Have a great week! I love you all!
Hermana Griffin

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