Sunday, January 3, 2016

Goodbye 2015

Can I just start by saying I feel robbed! My full year of being a missionary is gone... And all I did was blink! I am in shock thinking about how fast it went and how fast I know the rest will go. It's like trying to hold water in your hands, but watching it run out. Anyway, I'm trying to take advantage of what time I have!

Christmas was great. Very tranquilo. We went to Barrio 3 to visit A, one of the members, and we had lunch with her. Of course before leaving I had to see J! 
I miss that girl so much! But her and her family are good. Of course I wish they were more active, but they are doing well. D didn't have a chance to read the Book of Mormon before we met because of the holidays and all, but he promised to read more before our next lesson. We'll see. We taught him the Plan of Salvation... He was not a fan because it's not what he's been taught for the last 15 years by the JWs. We're going to go back over and try and explain better. His lessons are hard because he speaks Spanish, but not super well, even though he's been here for about 15 years, so it's easier for him to understand English, but my companion doesn't speak English. So it's about 50% English, 50% Spanish. He's got to be a little more open minded if he's going to progress, but I'm not giving up in him! We've been meeting with K still. She is doing better with her health, but still not great, and two of her three are sick. But, on the plus side, her husband got a new job and now doesn't have to work Sundays so it's more likely that they'll come to church because she won't be trying to get them all ready by herself and then taking the metro for 45 mins to church. Talk about a Christmas miracle! Anyway, we spent Christmas Eve with her and her family and then used their house to Skype. And they have also invited us for New Year's Eve! So that's exciting. We are seeing a change in her husband too as he is now at least willing to do family prayers with them instead of just K and the boys doing them. Honestly, they are wonderful. You'd all love them! Bueno, not much else since Friday. Have a great week and a happy new year! I love you all! Hermana Griffin

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