Sunday, January 24, 2016

God hears and answers prayers!

1/18/16   Hi family! This week was so good!
    So, K and the family came to church! And stayed the whole time! And loved it! And finally the ward is taking an interest in them and helping them and the bishop is going to personally do a noche de hogar with them. We taught them yesterday after church and we had a noche de hogar and we set family goals.
    It was so nice to see them all make       
goals and think of how they can strengthen each other. Now we just have the help them follow through, but at least now there is something more definite to follow up on. And E got blessed yesterday! Smiling face with smiling eyes       J is wonderful! She came to church and liked it even though didn't understand tons because of the language. But, she is amazing and has such an amazing testimony. This week, she shared in our lesson that she was robbed a few moths ago and had nothing and was super depressed and stressed. She was at the point of suicide and suddenly had the strong urge to pray. So she prayed and she said she felt her worries be lifted and someone there, helping her. She said she knows that God hears and answers prayers. I just love her and really admire the faith she has.      We asked D this week if he had prayed about Joseph Smith being a prophet and he said yes. He said he thinks Joseph Smith is a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. He said the Book of Mormon couldn't have been written by anyone but prophets of God because it is too inspired to be written by anyone else. We emphasized the importance of receiving an answer and knowing. He is so wonderful. He said he's going to keep reading because he just loves it so much.      Tomorrow we have interviews with president in the office, so we have to go to Alcobendas. I'm excited to see the Packs. Hermana Pack called me this week just to talk because she said she missed me because they had concilio and I wasn't there. She's just he sweetest! I love them too much.      Today was K's husband's, D, birthday so we spent the whole day with them cooking and hanging out. So fun, I love them. They say they want to move to Michigan haha or at least they want to visit. You'll love them!      It's been a good week. This week we have a worldwide missionary training from Utah. Everyone will be watching it live in all the world. I'm excited!      Anyway, I love you all tons! Hermana Griffin

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