Sunday, January 17, 2016

Week of Bajada de Los Reyes

Hi everyone!  1/11/16
Good news, baby E is out of the hospital! He's still not 100%but he's doing a ton better.He's 
precious. Anyway, thinking of this experience, I'd call it the refiner's fire for K. It definitely tried her faith, but she has come out of it well. Sometimes the Lord tries our faith, but he never gives us a trial we cannot support.
   Y is back in the hospital with her youngest son, L, now. The family just can't catch a break. It is trying their faith a lot. Y really needs support and guidance right now to get her life in the gospel back on track, but her husband doesn't seem to want to. He told her he doesn't want to go back to church again. We're not sure what happened, if it was all just too many trials at once, or what. That family has so much potential and needs a lot of help and prayers right now!
   We have a new menos activa who moved here recently. She is from the Philippines and is named J. She got baptized 2 years ago in Norway when she was there for work. She speaks English and hardly any Spanish, which makes our lessons interesting because my companion hardly speaks English haha anyway, I have honestly never seen someone with such great faith before! She really trusts in the Lord. I'm really excited to meet with her more and help her. 
    Also, I don't know if I ever mentioned R. She is an investigator from the US! She is from New Jersey but has lived here for over 30 years. She is married to a Spaniard and has 2 boys. She is someone we found in the carpeta. She has been receiving visits from hermanas since 2006 on a service basis. She has a son named A who is 16 who has a brain injury and is in a vegetable state. So, we go once a week to do stretches with A and talk with her. She's wonderful, but 16 years of constant care for a son in this condition is trying. They don't know why he's in this state or why he's not improving, but rather getting worse. No one seems to want to help her, they'd prefer to just maintain the state he's in. He also has now developed some rare type of diabetes... Anyway, the family has been through a lot. 
   Recently this has been trying R's faith. She is looking for answers and hope. We have been blessed to have short lessons with her about the resurrection and the plan of salvation. It's hard to not have concrete answers for why bad things happen to good people, but at least we know that there is a better future in store for all. I love R.

This week was Bajada de Los Reyes [the arrival of the Three Kings ] and so we had roscon... A lot! There was so much for about a week straight, in every house we were in. But that's ok. Anyway, Elder Yokum, who is in training, won the prize twice... It's gonna be a lucky year! 
  I had intercambios this week. I kind of forgot what it was like being
on the other side of intercambios for once. It was fun, really. I was
with Hermana Staker in Barrio 2... Fun fact, I've done about 4
intercambios there now haha anyway, Hermana Staker is really wonderful. She's so focused and really dedicated. I felt like I learned a lot from her. She's just so sweet.
I was also sick this weekend, which was miserable. So I slept 16 hours straight... Felt a bit better after! Hopefully it's just a 24 hour thing. I think the elders gave me whatever they had because me and also their recent convert felt like we got hit by a truck yesterday.
  Bueno, life is a bit uneventful. No one is really progressing here, so we are looking for more people to teach. Barrio 4 is huge, so I know there are people here! I love you all! Have a great week! Hermana Griffin

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