Sunday, January 10, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, family! 1/4/2016

We were sleeping through the new year. We set an alarm to wake up and eat grapes and such, but we slept through it! Haha we only woke up because someone called us at 12:15.

So, this week has been a bit chungo. Two of the families we are teaching have children in the hospital and everyone in our tiny ward is on vacation, so we've been going back and forth between the hospital and our area.

Baby E is in the hospital! K is a mess. He has some unknown respiratory infection and just keeps getting worse. We were at the hospital on Saturday with her when they decided to move him to the ICU and on the way there, he stopped breathing. He has been there 6 days now. K hadn't slept until they moved him to ICU, but now she can't be with him 24/7 in ICU so she has to go home and sleep. That's the only plus side. Anyway, pray for E, the poor thing is only 2 months oldl! I'll include a picture of me playing with him in the hospital bed his first day there. He's basically the cutest, sweetest baby ever and it breaks my heart to see him like that. We're gonna go check up on them this afternoon.

Our menos activa Y also has a son in the hospital and the same day he went to the hospital, her father in law died. So that's been super hard for their family too. They luckily have been super positive and understand very well the plan of salvation. Their son got released yesterday, but will be under observation every few days because of the effects of the virus he had, he may now need surgery. He was well enough to go home, but still isn't out of the woods. Pray for him too!
His name is T, he is 3 and just precious.

I never felt so helpless than when I was watching these poor little things sick in the hospital. I wish I could help them more than the little that I'm doing, but I know the Lord hears and answers prayers and that he never gives us trials we can't support or overcome.

So that's pretty much been our week. Also, we had a Noche de Hogar in the home of a new Columbian family in the ward. We had a good lesson about obedience where the kids participated a lot and then later, we played a game... You can tell we had lots of fun!

I love you all. I hope you all enjoyed your New Years! Have a great week!

Hermana Griffin

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