Sunday, January 31, 2016

First Talk

Hey family! 01/25/2016

The dream I've had all of my mission has been to give a talk on  missionary work in church... It happened this week! So that was pretty great. I always thought that if I gave a talk in church, it'd be about members working with missionaries and I'd be a bit bold but it'd be good and I'd see results and such, but that's not what happened. Yes my ward needs to work with us, but they need to work on their humility and charity first, with investigators, menos activos and other members. So, I talked about humility and charity instead and related it to missionary work... Well the bishop was not a fan to say the least. I don't think he'll be asking me to speak again anytime soon. Oops. Oh well. I'll send it too. I thought it went good... What do I know.

J is so stinking precious! This week, we taught her about the plan of salvation. She bore her testimony at the end and said she knows that she's not perfect and that is what the atonement is for, so she can repent daily of little things that happen and that she does and she can start the next day and try to be better. She gets it! That's the biggest struggle I think we have as missionaries, is making sure people understand repentance and that it's not just for big sins,
but for daily use for the little things we do too. But no worries, she gets it!

K and her family did not come to church this week because D had a rugby game. Ugh. Two steps forward 3 steps back. But, we saw them yesterday night and they thanked us for being constant with them, because the ward has forgotten and given up on them but we haven't and they said if it weren't for us, they wouldn't be starting to get back into the rhythm of doing the things they need to do, like praying and reading daily and weekly noche de hogar. They are doing better, little
by little. The best part was hearing their oldest, who is 16, thank us for what we're doing for him and the change he's seeing in his parents. He was crying. It was the sweetest thing ever. He prayed
before we left and I realized how amazing he is. He really understands prayer because it really just was a conversation with our Heavenly Father for him. You can tell there is a real relationship there for him.

D isn't really progressing... He is more studying for curiosity than a real desire to know and he is trying to preach to us more and more as we meet with him. We're not giving up yet, but he's not
progressing like we'd hope.

E is progressing little by little. He admitted last night that he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet. This is huge for him because my first 5 lessons with him, he insisted there was no way that was
possible. The only problem with him was that he wants to know everything and have a perfect knowledge of everything before baptism and perfection doesn't come in this life. But it's ok. I have faith in him and when he gets baptized, he's going to be super strong in the church. Also, finally, his son talked to us. He is 3. He gets jealous when we're there normally, but last night, he let me play with him. So I colored and played cards with him for a little bit at the end of our lesson as my companion set up our next lesson and such. So, that is also progress!

We had interviews this week. It was fun to be with the Packs. We went to the office for them. It was fun. President is great. And Hermana Pack came over while I was studying, waiting for my interview and she sat by me and asked what I was doing and how long it would take. I asked why and she said, "I just wanted to talk" haha she's so funny. But it was good to talk to them and get some advice for my area and companionship. We find out transfers at the end of this week, but after our interviews, both me and my companion felt like she'll stay with me another transfer. We'll see!

So yeah, that's about it I think.  
Me and my companion realized we 
basically never take pictures together... So we made sure we took one in the office when we were there!

Have a good week! I love you all!

Hermana Griffin

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