Sunday, November 1, 2015


So, remember how I said last week was bad.... This week was worse.
  Started out good. We met with M and we followed up on how she's doing with the word of wisdom, and she's doing great! She said she prayed after the lesson we had, to have the strength she needs to stop drinking coffee. She said since then, anytime she thinks about or smells coffee, she gets nauseous. Isn't that so cool? She said she's doing well and us no desire to drink coffee. Then we had a lesson with her about the law of chastity and guess what? She's married! Woo! So
she's progressing really wonderfully.
  Then, we had a lesson with D. Really great too. He had good questions. He still didn't want to set a date, but on the bright side, he brought his sister to English and Noche de Hogar. He met with the elders later in the week while we were on intercambios in Tenerife.
Boat to Tenerife
They have a really great relationship with him, so we thought it'd be good for them to talk to him. I love the elders and owe them big time because, D now has a fecha for November 14. Though yesterday at church, we were talking and he said he wants to move it... Sooner! So, he said he'd talk to us at our lesson on Tuesday about when is the soonest he could be baptized.   Also, D R, a young woman in the ward, brought a friend to church (who is an old investigator) and her friend told us she's interested in meeting with us again and of course D said she'd help whenever we meet. So, that's awesome. That was essentially it, because then, we went on intercambios and things went downhill. Ok, so intercambios was fun and hard because we actually have a companionship having lots of trouble together. So, we had a lot of work to do there.  But anyway, the other companionship is great. We started in Santa Cruz and then went to Los Cristianos and then back to Santa Cruz to catch our boat. Oh yeah, we took a boat this time instead of flying.
 On boat 
 Me and Hermana Braun pretended we were on a cruise together, yeah I know, we're lame. Anyway, we went to catch our boat... Turns out it didn't leave Saturday at 3, but Sunday at 3.... Which was clearly an issue. So we called the office and they got us on the next boat at 8, which means we got home at 11:30 and in bed by midnight. So we waited in Santa Cruz and some guy was creeping on us and following us. It was weird. Oh yeah, while in Santa Cruz for intercambios, one of the hermana's investigators told everyone how beautiful I was and then later proposed to me and even gave me a rose. So weird! Anyway. It was just a long intercambio. But in Santa Cruz, I got to be with Hermana Koivisto.
She is new and from Finland. She is a bug sweetheart and really hard worker. I just loved her. We really clicked. And then in Los Cristianos I was with Hermana Melton who is also new and she's a sweetheart as well. She is having some trouble with the language, but it'll come, she just frustrates herself. But she has a strong testimony and will share it with literally anyone who she can get to stop. She looks and sounds like Scarlet Johansen as well, so that made it extra fun. So we get home, Sunday was decent, the usual. Noche de Hogar with the Mesas was great! Hector taught about the scriptures and I loved it and so did Danny. So, the night is decent, then we get home... We both forgot our keys. So annoying! 
So we tried picking our lock, then we tried using a credit card... Then we finally called a locksmith. So we're broke now and it was a long discouraging week and thank goodness it's Monday! Anyway, hopefully this week is better. Two more intercambios and were done, but luckily these are on our island so well still get to work in our own area. It really is a blessing though to work with the other hermanas, I learn tons from them! So yeah. I love you all. I hope you have a great week!
 Hermana Griffin

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