Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kissed by a five year old!

Hey family!

Alright. This week, not a highlight. I fact just about everyone and everything failed us this week, even our backup plans, so to say this week was frustrating would be an understatement.

Madrid was fun and I learned a lot at concilio, as usual. And even though it was literally only a week, it was sooooo nice to see Hermana Marsh, I just love her. The capacitacion was especially hard this time. I don't know if it is because all of the companionship share training or what. There was barely any participation and most of our time was spent waiting for people to respond to questions and participate. It was like trying to pull teeth. Doing zone training
through camera across islands is for sure not ideal. Anyway, we made it work and our island said it was great, so that was reassuring. D is still great. Still hasn't picked a baptismal date and that's a little frustrating sometimes, but it's ok. In his time, not ours! He had so many questions after conference that we spent a whole hour lesson just answering questions and he says we made it almost half was through! Crazy! But they were all really good questions, so I'm not worried. He came to the  M's for NDH and loved it like usual. It was great. Speaking of the M's, H started opening up to us a bit, so we're hoping that with a little more time, we can work with him specifically and reactivate him. I'm not really sure what happened with V this week. It was a little frustrating, honestly. She gave about 1000 reasons why she can't put God first in her life right now and can't come to church and such, but doesn't seem to understand that correlation between putting God first and receiving blessings, no matter how much we try to explain. I'm trying to be patient and remind myself that I don't fully understand her circumstances and such in life right now, but it's so hard to be patient when something is so clear to you and not them.  S is amazing, as usual. She also not only just got offered one job, but two! She got up and bore her testimony about how when we put God first all the other things come... Oh man did I wish that V was there to hear that! But S, she's just a saint. I love her. Her and her girls are still having difficulties please pray for them. M is alright, she just isn't really progressing. She loves meeting and everything, but she won't read and won't come to church. We sat down and just read with her and also talked about the sabbath. We'll see if anything changes. We also went to Galdar this week, another part of our area on the other side of the island. It's gorgeous!
I'll attach some pictures.
President is thinking of opening a companionship there, so President wants us to see what it's like there. We went with the elders and had fun adventuring. I'd love to be there, but honestly, they'll probably open it to elders if they open a companionship. Yesterday, we went to eat with a member and there is a little boy named G and he was sitting on the couch with us and I turn and look at him (G will get in your face and talk to you) and he gets in my face... not to talk, but to kiss me. 5 year old little boy, laid one on me. The other missionaries were dying! I was like" G, you can't  kiss me, I'm a missionary" and he just shrugged his shoulders.     So, yup, that happened. We walked home in the rain yesterday too without umbrellas because the day was just kind of a fail, and we only had a few minutes left of the night so we figured what the heck. It was fun. I love Hermana Braun, she's a sweetheart, we teach well together. We get along well, we just have different interests, so not much in common, but we're both really tranquila so it's not a problem. Also, at NDH last night, we played gestures and me and Hermana Braun were on a team and one of my words was leche. How the heck you act that out, I don't know. So what did I do, acting out drinking, acted out milking a cow. Hermana Braun guessed it in under 5 seconds. Impressive, right? And that's how we won gestures.
Well, I love you all. Hope you have a great week! Hermana Griffin

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