Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tropical storms, STUCK inside! LONG boring day!

 Hey family!
  So this week was interesting. We had some tropical storms this whole week, nothing terrible, just tons of rain, some flooding in parts, some mudslides in parts. Luckily I live in the center of the city, so I was safe. But it had been so bad and they had upped the warning to a red emergency that yesterday, they cancelled church, and wouldn't you know... Didn't rain a drop. Too funny! Anyway, it was a red level warning and they told everyone to stay in, and they did. There was not 
a soul in the street, at all! No cars, minus the buses that were running... That were empty. So strange. Anyway, it was a long boring day in missionary life yesterday.

 I'll include a video of our morning, it's funny, I think. 

I did intercambios with the hermanas from Telde this week. I was with Hermana Campillo, she is serving with Hermana Judd. She is a native from the south of Spain. It was a good day, we had some lessons and then contacted and had English classes and noche de hogar. It was fun.
It poured while we were contacting, so we just stuck it out in the rain because we were already soaked and who was going to let us in their house like that? So, we walked in the rain and contacted the occasional person that walked by. We were soaked for the rest of the night, but it was for sure memorable. After noche de hogar, I found a baby lizard in the hallway of the church.... You can probably imagine how much I loved that. So I called the elders to come pick it up and
take it outside. Elder Maughan then proceeded to chase me around the church with it. So mean! And it's tail fell off, so what does he do, throws it at me. It was something I would've expected from one of my brothers... I guess that just explains how close this district is.
   So when we went to Madrid last, we spent pday with Hermana Pack, right? When she picked us up, she took us to the mission home and fed us some bread pudding. Bread pudding, right, that doesn't sound terribly wonderful. Man, was I wrong. It was stinking delicious! So, she sent us the recipe this week and we made it. Well, the topping was this white chocolate sauce, so we go to make it, but only have green colored white chocolate.
So we made it with that and it looked gross! But tasted fantastic, so I'll make you all that one day. We met with M again. She's still fantastic. We taught her tithing. She is so excited to pay tithing that she asked if she could pay before baptism. So cute! Anyway, we set a new baptismal date for her for the 19th of December. She wants to wait until F, her husband, come back from Brazil to see it.    S is great too! She invited us all for lunch this week. She invited us, the elders, the R family, a few of her daughters friends from dance and one of her friends and his daughter. A total of 14 people! It was crazy! There was apparently a weird relationship between one person there and the rest and a grudge being held and so awkward for us missionaries! But funny in the end. D is getting baptized! He is getting baptized, we're hoping its this week, but since church was cancelled we're not too sure. So that's super exciting! He's so ready. Now we just need to plan things for it.   On another note, my favorite investigator from Barrio 3, J, is changing his job so that he can come to church and he's putting another baptismal date! Woohoo! Also, S, my convert from Barrio 3 just got the Melchizedek Priesthood yesterday! I seriously am so happy I feel like crying!   Also, today for pday, we went to Telde and met up with the Telde hermanas and the hermanas from Vecindario and Hermana Campillo made us lunch. She loves cooking and was dying to cook for more than two, so 
lunch with hermanas from Gran Canaria
we happily agreed. Also, tomorrow, we are flying to Tenerife forinterviews with president and we are sitting in on the new new missionary training meeting, so we'll have a big sleep over tonight and fly in the morning.     Oh, and I read some awesome awesome awesome talks this week if you'd like to read them as well. Here are the names:
 "Success-- A Journey or a Destination? Hartman Rector, Jr.",
"Following Christ to Victory-Hartman Rector, Jr.",
 "The Lord’s People Receive Revelation-Bruce R. McConkie".

So great stuff. I'm content. It's been a better week for sure, so thanks for the prayers. I hope you all have a great week!

Hermana Griffin

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