Sunday, November 8, 2015

More tropical storms,One year mark

Hi family! 11/02/15
Also, we had a desire to redo our piso... I'll include the video. 
So, I hit a year this week... That was weird. Anyway.
Notice how things start and how they end..
So Tuesday, we went to Tenerife to have interviews with President...And in the end, we didn't do them, because there wasn't enough time haha so we will do them tomorrow after Concilio. Which brings me to my next point, I'm in Madrid again. I know, I'm never even in my area. Anyway, yeah, it's freezing here and I can't say I'm really a fan. We did intercambios in Vecindario this week. I was there with Hermana Schreiver. She is another new missionary from Idaho. She is a real sweetheart and her Spanish is incredible for only 5 weeks and not having studied before, seriously. She is not only in training, but  also opening an area, so that's super hard, but I'm so impressed with how well she is handling it and doing it. D. has a date set for sure for the 14th of November. He's doing great as usual, we're just hammering out the details for his baptismal service. He's invited his parents, two sisters and best friend to his baptism! How awesome is that? M. is fantastic as usual. She is always feeding us. She is super excited for her baptism. She is always having noche de hogars with the Brazilian members. She's doing great and fulfilling all of her commitments that we extend to her. We had a long talk with H this week. We've built a lot of confidence with him and he's talking about us doing a pday activity with us. It'll be hard to arrange something for when the girls are out of school, so we're thinking about maybe something with the two of them and then we can talk to them one on one and see if we can figure out why he's not involved. They're just the best. I love them soooo much! More tropical storms this week, so lots more miserable cold rain. But this week they didn't cancel church, even though the rain was in fact worse this time... Anyway. We have transfers next week. The big question is if I will break my streak and stay more than two transfers in an area. We'll see! That's basically it. We've found some new people who seem to have a lot of potential, but we are having problems with our phone currently, so that doesn't help us be in touch with anyone. But hopefully we'll get that figured out tomorrow. We didn't have a ward activity for Halloween and everyone blamed the missionaries which was lame, so instead, we made cookies and brought them to people. Also, the elders scared us at a lunch appointment. Those bums. I love you all. I'm glad things are good at home. I hope you have a great week! Hermana Griffin

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