Sunday, November 15, 2015

Christmas requests from Hermana Griffin!

Hey family! 11/09/15

First of all, I have broken my streak, and for the first time ever, I will be staying a third transfer in an area. This transfer is two weeks shorter though because of Christmas.

Por fin, I had interviews with President this week. Can I just to you how much I love that man? He is so inspired and you can really tell he loves every single one of his missionaries. Him and his family are such a huge blessing to me. It was fun to just sit and talk to him and get his input of the area and my companionship and the people we teach and the hermanas I'm serving with. He's just great.

We had concilio last week so Monday to Wednesday I was in Madrid. I got to go to a niche de hogar in Alcobendas and see a lot of members that I knew from my time there.
I also learned how to make El Salvadorian food and horchata. Yum! Also, I finally I saw pictures of my trainer and her boyfriend that someone there showed me. I realized I miss her lots. Then, Tuesday, we had concilio. We talked a ton about working with menos activos and how most of the work we should be doing is with them, to reactivate and also to find, because the menos activos have other menos activo or nonmember friends, so it's the best work we could be doing. While we were gone, we had consejo del barrio[ward counsil] and they told the elders that they are 7 active priesthood holders away from splitting the ward, so this all is really applicable to us. Also, there are 800 menos activos in our ward alone.... How ridiculous is that? So much work to do! Well, after concilio we had interviews with president and so naturally, while waiting for our companion, we played scrabble with C.
While I was playing and waiting for Hermana Braun, we got  a call from an antiguo investigator who had lost contact with the hermanas when he moved. Well good news, he's been taught everything, almost got baptized but then moved and now wants to meet again! I answered the phone and he asked in English if it was the Mormon missionaries and he said he is moving back and almost got baptized but then moved and now wants to meet again. So yeah! His name is K and he is Hungarian. I'll let you know what happens but just a little miracle there.

Capacitacion de Zona was fun. We went to Tenerife for it. Anyway. Capacitacion went really well... I thought. I love learning from the other missionaries. They always have such amazing insight! And, we'll have our zone conference this Friday and we'll get to hear from President and the ayudantes. Conferences as a normal person, not so great and usually kind of boring... As a missionary they are the bomb! I just have such ganas to go out and work after. I love them, they are so encouraging.

Anyway, D's baptism is for sure! This Saturday at 6 pm! I'm so excited. We met with him this week and he was asking about when he can get the priesthood and he's thinking about a mission. He's just so darn cute, I love him and his excitement for the gospel.

Unfortunately L has dropped off the face of the earth. She isn't answering her phone (which is not unusual for her) and she never is home at any time of the day it seems. But we're not giving up on her. She just might need some extra prayers.

S and the girls are great, like usual. She is excited for her new call in primary. We had a noche de hogar with them this week and talked about faith and testimony. The girls are going to ask their dad for themselves for the first time ever if hey can be baptized. They are nervous but we told them to share their testimonies and with lots of prayer, maybe his heart will be softened. We've been praying nonstop but I have a really good feeling about it for some reason. Maybe it is finally their time! I hope so. S asked me and Hermana Braun during the noche de hogar what if feels like to be Mormon. It just about broke my heart. That's the only thing she wants.

I'm studying about diligence right now in my personal studies and I'd love to hear your thoughts, insights, favorite scriptures, talks, etc that are related. Ive noticed that diligence is closely related to agency, so I'm also studying that. To be diligent requires a good use of our agency to choose that which is right. Anyway, send me your thoughts!

Also, for Christmas (mom tell the ward and everyone too), this is what I'd like you all to do (because it's not realistic to send presents to me), I would like all of you to pick your favorite talk and I would like you to print it, highlight the key parts or parts you like and write your commentary and at the end, write a note. And get them to my parents and they will send them all to me! I would love that more than anything, please!

Anyway, I love you all. I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Griffin

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