Sunday, November 29, 2015

selfies and baptism of D

Hey family! 11/16/15

Ok, good week.
First of all, we had intercambios with the Hermanas in Los Crisitanos. I was with Hermana Turina, she's fantastic. I just love that girl! She is so wonderful and she talks to everyone. There was a lot I needed to learn from her in that intercambio. Anyway, the next day, we had zone conference with President and Hermana Pack. So great! We talked a ton about the commandments and the importance of teaching them and teaching them with clarity. It's so true! Obedience to the
commandments really is what brings us happiness and blessings. Then, they talked about working with members. I got a lot of ideas of what we can try to get a bit more unity and help from the members. It's always so exciting after a zone conference. I just wanted to get out there and teach and put everything in practice! It was fantastic. We 

got some selfies with President and Hermana Pack... They're pretty great if I do say so myself. We just posed and called their names and those were the faces they made when they turned. They're great, I love them.Side note, at the zone conference, I got my 5 month email Disappointed but relieved face so sad! My time is winding down and its freaking me out! I'm not ready to be almost done yet!
D got baptized! Woo! He brought his whole family too! And his best 
friend. He was so excited. Me and Hermana Braun sang "When I am Baptized" while the elders played it on ukulele and it was super cute, it made D cry a bit. Then, Elder Davis baptized D. It was so
sweet. When they got out and were going to change, Elder Davis said that D hugged him, and asked, "Elder, am I going to be this happy
from now on?" It was all just really sweet. And then yesterday, we had lessons on missionary work in priesthood and relief society and he
told the Elders he wants to serve a mission now. He is wonderful. He gets the gospel so much and is such a great example and he just makes
my heart melt because I'm so happy and content. Also, H came to the baptism! I just about cried seeing him there!
We got a really awesome reference from a member this week, for a deaf lady and her husband. They have been asking a member named L about the church and he gave them some Book of Mormons too and they have been asking about church now. So we are going tomorrow to teach
them, that'll be super hard but way fun! It'll be a great opportunity to see the spirit testify because communication will be hard. 
J, one of our menos activas, came to church yesterday too, finally! She loved it too! She said she felt great there. She didn't stay for it all, but some is better than nothing. Hopefully this will be the push she needs to continue attending. Hopefully she recognizes the difference that she felt there and will feel this week thanks to attending the church. 
Also, funny note. Y, one of the recent converts that we meet, she wanted to braid my hair, so I let her... Came out with cornrows....
That was the day of the baptism. She thought it looked 
fantastic. I had to break it to her nicely that it probably wasn't good for a baptism. She was sad, but now I can say that I've had cornrows. Sadly, I only have a picture of her doing it, but not the finished product. Bummer.

So yeah, things are good here. Hopefully things are good there with you all. I love you all! Thanks for your emails and updates. Have a great week!

Hermana Griffin

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