Sunday, March 13, 2016


Hey family! 03/07/2016
So, following normal Hermana Griffin traditions, after my second transfer in Barrio 4, I'm being transferred. I have such mixed feelings! I'm leaving Hermana Charlesworth and she'll be training!
She's gonna be amazing! I'm just sad I won't be with her.
 But, I'm going to what I assume will be my last area, Alcalá de Henares, to be a sister training leader again with Hermana Turina. I'm excited about being with her again. She was with me and Hermana Judd in the CCM as our comp and now we're together again for her last transfer. So, this week. We met with R! She is a dear. She knew I'd probably miss A, then we helped her take him for a walk because it was a beautiful day, and then she had us over for lunch! It was a blast. I just love her. I'm gonna miss her and A so much, but I know Hermana Charlesworth will take good care of them. We also met with L. He's progressing super well! He came to church last week and this week and is reading and praying. He was sad when he found out I'd be leaving, but I don't think it'll effect his progress at all. I'm really proud of him. I had an intercambio with Hermana Ross, after all this time! It was fun being with her and seeing what an awesome missionary she is first hand. We've both come a long way since Alcobendas. It was so nice to just chill with her later that night and catch up.

On the other hand, we ate chicken foot soup at a members house... Was not grateful for that experience. You have to pick it up with your hands, it's like you're holding a baby hand and then you break off each toe and eat off... The skin, because let's be honest, there really is no meat there. Saying goodbye to everyone was hard, but really just the hardest was saying goodbye to K and her family. After having been with them through everything. But, I have high hopes for them. I have given them my all and it's their turn to act. I have faith they will and that they will be able to see true ,oracles in their lives and in their family. I learned so much in this last 5 weeks with Hermana Charlesworth and I just want to share a little with you. First, the Lord leads and guides his servants. I realized that had President Pack not felt inspired to put us together, I never would've gotten to know Hermana Charlesworth, who has easily become one of my dearest friends. And I also saw it so many times when working with her, the Lord guiding us to a person or helping us know what to say or teach. The Lord never leaves us alone! Especially when we are dedicated to his work. Second, iré y haré. I will go and do. This was literally her motto I think, she was just constantly saying it. I feel like I've developed that attitude (she's still way better than me at it) but I feel like as we develop a desire and have the will and humility to do the Lords work and fulfill his commandments, we are blessed. He always prepares a way for us to do it! And we're just happier! I haven't felt as happy in my mission as I did with her as I kept this in mind, and I want to take that with me. There's actually a lot more, but Hermana Charlesworth will probably be reading this too... And I don't want it to get weird. But anyway, the point is, I've learned so much in the last 5 weeks and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I was blessed with the learn and grow! I love you lots and am glad you're all doing well. Have a fantastic week! Hermana Griffin

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