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Hi family!  3/14/2016

Alright, so. Basically I love Alcalá. It's basically the exact of Barrio 4 which was a bit shocking at first. But listen, this is the best and also kind of the worst part. We have more members that want to help us than we have people to teach... But we're working on that! The members are so sweet and literally I meet a new member on the street every day. There are tons and they're everywhere. Our ward mission leader is fantastic and turns out, I actually met him on my intercambio here my 2 weeks in the mission. Funny, huh?

Anyway, the ward plays soccer every week on Saturday mornings and so I played soccer this week... Oddly enjoyed it. The best part is there were about 30 people (not including missionaries) there and only about 10 of them were members, the rest were friends that everyone brought!
So excited to get to work here.
my new companion Hermana Turina!
So, the worst part of transfers is I still never know where I am or who anyone is. That'll be fun this Tuesday when I do my first intercambio here. We'll see how that goes. But, I now know most of the people we teach and so that's exciting. My favorite person we teach is V. She is a 17 year old girl and her mom is the only member of their family. Well apparently, one day a random kid came up to her and told her that when she dies Satan is going to eat her like spaghetti because she hasn't been baptized. Basically the funniest thing I've ever heard, but it really freaked her out and now she is meeting with us. She is wonderful. Comes to all the activities and church meetings, and always fulfills her commitments and she always has tons of really good questions. I love this girl! She just wants to make sure she doesn't have doubts before being baptized, but so far so good! Church was wonderful yesterday. Our recent convert come to church for her talk so they said, well we'll have the new missionaries come up and introduce themselves. And so I went first and as I walked up, I made eye contact with the bishop and he said, if you're ready, go for it. So I gave a 5 minute impromptu talk! It was fun. After, bishop thanked me for being a good sport.
Missionaries after FHE !
So I'm loving it here. Just a some fun facts. There are tons of cranes... Cranes make creepy dinosaur-like noises. The makeup of this city is 80% spaniard, 10% Romanians/Bulgarians, 5% Latinos, 3% Asian, 2% American/miscellaneous. Well, I love you all tons! Have a good week! Hermana Griffin

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