Monday, March 28, 2016

Semana Santa

Hey family! 3/28/16

So, I feel like not much has happened since writing on Wednesday. So Wednesday, we went to the temple and it was fantastic, like usual.
The next day, we had intercambios with the hermanas from Guadalajara. I was with Hermana Iregui and Hermana Ledo. I was actually in the same ward with Hermana Iregui when she came into the mission so it was cool to be together again. Hermana Ledo is brand new. She's adorable! Actually, she too is waiting for a visa. She will be going to Pocatello Idaho. It was an interesting intercambio because it was Semana Santa and of course no one wanted to meet, but then there was also a hugeeeee parade so it made it impossible to get around town and also, there were giant crowds of people. But, we had a good day. After two weeks, I finally met our menos activo, A. He's the best! We had a really great lesson and we set goals with him and all, and as we went to leave, they had day number two of the parade which was even bigger, believe it or not. So, we gawked a little and took some pictures then left haha. Catholic Easter parades don't really make sense to me, but it was fun nonetheless. Bueno. Sorry my letter is short and kind of lame this week... But I feel like I just wrote you all. Have a great week!

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