Saturday, May 21, 2016

SO Much Crying!

 5/16/2106 Hey Family! Things are fantastic here!
Ok, first of all, I just want to tell you how amazing the Lord is. So, this week, we saw V, and she told us shes been thinking about the baptismal date we gave her and she doesnt really think so, but didnt tell us much more than that. She told us she´d tell us more on Sunday when we met again. So, on Saturday, we went to our devotional with Elder Bednar (which was fantastic, obviously), and I could only think of V the whole time. Actually, I wrote in my notes impressions I had about what he was talking about and how they related to her. Anyway, Sunday rolls around and we have a special stake conference with Elder Kearon and his wife, of the area presidency.
Well, V came and she loved it. It was fantastic. It was literally the most beautiful meeting I have ever been in. They talked a lot about setting spiritual and temporal goals. Well, V loved it. After the  conference, she went to eat with the young men and young women from the ward who had brought stuff for a picnic. While she was eating, we took advantage of the time to talk to Elder Kearon and his wife. He mentioned he was a convert and had said no to baptism about 20 times. My companion asked him what was the difference between the 19th and 20th time. He said a lot of teaching, but the key for him was a priesthood blessing. Well, V came back about an hour later, alone. So, we sat down and she just opened up. She just poured everything out! Everything she was feeling, thinking, all of her worries. She was so overwhelmed but the first thing I could think of was, offer her a priesthood blessing! So, we explained it and she said she wanted one. I don't know if it was me, or the spirit, but it seemed right in the moment. Well, the elders werent available until later that night, after the night time devotional that we had with the youth and young single adults of the 3 Madrid stakes. We told her to think about her worries and questions, etc while their and especially to focus on the feelings she had there. Literally, the best way to describe it is, Elder Bednar was talking to her. I mean he was doing a question and answer with the group, but everything he said was so applicable to her and she knew it! It just really shows how the spirit was guiding him! Then, after the conference, we met up with the elder for the blessing. We didnt mention anything that was going on with her, but literally the first words out of Elder Bataller´s mouth were just for her! It was so guided by the spirit! And after, she told us she felt immediate relief. It just showed me how much the Lord loves each of us and knows each of us! He has not nor will he ever leave us alone! I loved being able to witness all of this yesterday and be a witness of the power of the Holy Ghost and the power of the priesthood! I love the gospel!
last day shopping
On a side note, I also had a mini panic attack yesterday. It finally hit me that I only have 2 weeks left.... So much crying. But, I have a saint of a companion and she was there to listen. She is the best. I love her so much. And Im good... I think. Basically after what I felt and saw yesterday, I just love the mission so much more and I don't want to leave that. I love seeing God´s hand in people´s daily lives, but every good thing comes to an end at some point, so I'm being a big girl and getting over it. Anyway. Moving on.
So, I also got to see a ton of people I love yesterday! From B3, B8, B4, Alcobendas. It was great. The best was seeing my convert S!   
It was so funny! It didn't even dawn on me that he´d be there, but I wanted to cry seeing him. What a cutie. And a bum. He hasnt changed his personality one bit, but I love him nontheless.

Ok, I love my comp still, love the mission, love the area. Here´s to ending strong! Love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Griffin

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