Saturday, May 21, 2016

Last Temple Trip

 May 11,2016   Hey beautiful people!
I hope you all had a great week! We sure did! So many miracles! So, we first of all we gave V.
a fecha! It was a really powerful lesson and the spirit was so strong. We told her she's ready 
and we feel like this date is when the Lord wants her to be baptized. She was really moved. 
She said she'd pray about it and let us know. She came up to us on Sunday and said she can't
stop thinking about it and wants to talk with us on Friday. Hope it's good news! Pray for her! 
She's so ready!
We had my last concilio and capacitacion de zona. 
last concilio 5-3-2016
That was strange. It feels weird knowing
 that that's it. But it was really uplifting. We
repassed the worldwide missionary training 
and it really helped us get back to the basics,
 you know? 
Anyway, then we got to do intercambios 
with the hermanas from Azuqueca, Hermanas
Keller and Richardson. They are amazing! 
They are machines! It was such a treat night
teaching with them. I was with Hermana 
Richardson who has 2 weeks in the mission.
 She's so cute. Speaks Spanish like a pro, 
seriously and could lead a lesson. I was blown 
away! I was not at that point with two weeks 
in the mission. Anyway, she is a sweetheart  
and I learned a lot from her. Mostly just how 
to keep a positive attitude and trust in the  Lord.
sorry upside down!
So, when I was with Hermana Richardson, we saw a miracle. It was so cool. So, she had 
contacted  this guy but he was busy, so we asked if we could get his number  and talk some 
other time and he said no because he doesn't give people his number, so we gave him ours 
with our card and he said he works everyday until 9:30.  We explained that we still teach 
then and that he could call us still. He said he would call us at 9:30 that night. 
I didn't really believe it. Everyone always says things like that.  Anyway, we continued 
on with our plans for the night...  And in true intercambio form, everything failed. 
So,we went to our backup plans, which also failed. And so then  we went to our last hope plan, 
and as we  were walking there, the same guy walks out of his work and chases us down. 
He asked if we could meet right then. So we did! And it was great! 
He had so many questions and they were all great. He's been looking for  answers in his life 
for a long time and we've got them! His name is R. He also is 21 and turns 22 exactly  one 
week after me. So we basically bonded right there and then haha anyway, he asked us when
 we could  meet again! So we're gonna see him tonight.
I went to the temple for my last time today Disappointed face but that's ok! 
It was wonderful!  
And after, we went to Sol and I bought
 souvenirs... For all of you fam. So, hope you're all  content. It was fun. My poor comp
 had to deal with me being  indecisive and carrying  lots of my bags. Anyway. 
It's been a good day. It was good to  talk to you on  Mother's Day and I had this
 realization that 3 weeks is nothing! 
Yikes! But that's ok, you can still see plenty of miracles in 3 weeks!!!
 I'll tell you all the things I'm forgetting in 3 weeks. 
Love you! Have a great week!
Hermana Griffin

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