Sunday, May 1, 2016

Last transfer!

4/25/16 Hey family!
Well, here I am, starting my last transfer.... Feels weird. But what feels even weirder was saying goodbye to my companion. I have really loved being with Hermana Turina. She has taught me a lot, but mostly just made me really learn how to show love for the people I'm teaching and also just laugh and have fun. I can't think of a single moment in 7 weeks when we weren't laughing. Like one time, she called me Laman because we were complaining a bit... She's the funniest. I love her and will really miss her. These last 7 weeks have flown by and I've decided that the Lord knew that I needed to be with Hermana Turina. 
Last district picture
After a year and a half of intercambios and being in the same zone, the Lord knew we were ready to be together, and it's been a huge blessing. I love love love this girl and I have to see her again! So, I hope it's ok if we go to the French Polynesian Islands! She's waiting for us to visit Face savoring delicious food  Anyway, my new companion is Hermana Workman. She's pretty young in the mission and she's from Florida. Actually she started her mission while I was in the islands and we did an intercambio together.
So it'll be interesting being companions now. I know she's a hard worker and that's all that I really hoped for my last transfer I guess. They are whitewashing a companionship here in Alcalá too, so we went from having a district of really old missionaries to almost all new missionaries. All of them have 7 months or less excluding me and Elder Tree who go home one transfer apart. Craziness! Guess what! David A Bednar is coming to Spain. We'll get to have a meeting with him and the whole mission on the 14th and then on the 15th, he's going to do a devotional for the youth, which will be fantastic for V! Speaking of V, I just love that girl. We met with her this week and she talked about how she feels in the church and when she reads and prays and everything. She loves it all! She's doing seminary and has started personal progress! She was talking to the elders yesterday about how her dad won't let her get baptized. So sad. But by her example, I'm sure he'll soften up. The gospel just makes you a better person! How could you not want that for those you love? This week was sad because it was a lot of goodbyes. But, one goodbye 
miracle is that we got one of our menos activo families to Noche de Hogar. When they walked in, everyone's mouths just dropped. No one could believe it! And they really enjoyed it and made new friends. Hopefully that'll help as we teach them in the future. Little by little! I don't know if I've mentioned D before, but she is one of our investigators. She is really sweet, Bolivian. She is really creyente, but since she moved to Spain she hasn't found a congregation that she likes. She lives with one of our menos activas, E. D is the girlfriend of E's son. Anyway, we've been teaching her for a while and the lessons always go so great, but then at the end, she always refuses to come to church. She doesn't want to go without her boyfriend (because he is also a member, well, menos activo) but he lives in the UK. But, HES BACK! He just got here this weekend, so they didn't come, but next weekend, they should be at church and we can see what she really thinks and all. I have a lot of hope for her. Also, E said that she might come too if her son comes. How wonderful! Oh also, this week was the birthday of Cervantes, the guy who wrote Don Quijote, and he is from Alcalá, so there was a huge festival, and to end the night, fireworks! We found a spot where there was no one and we had a perfect view. I'll include a video so you can see how geeked we were. Anyway, that's about it here. I love you all! Have a good week! Hermana Griffin

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