Sunday, December 6, 2015

Grateful for everyone of you!

11/30/15 Hey beautiful people!
      This week has been good. Let's start with the two highlights of my week! First, S, my convert from Barrio 8, got married! I hope she doesn't mind, but I will be including a picture because I just
love these two so much! They are like family. Second of all, D got the priesthood! He was so happy, just grinning from ear to ear. It made my heart melt. I'm just so proud of that kid. Also, he taught the restoration like a champ and will be teaching the plan of salvation this week. They are also looking at potential callings for him and I know he'll be great just wherever he is!
 Bomb picture of district
Ok, so we went to the dunes Monday like you know... I still am rinsing out sand from my hair and ears... It's never going to go away. 
Anyway, We had a combined thanksgiving district meeting with the other district in our island too. We had our meeting and then celebrated. It was one of my favorite district meeting ever I think. We talked a lot about humility. Also, to finish, we had everyone go around a share their testimony and the spirit was so strong. It was beautiful to hear what everyone is grateful for. I hope you all know that I am so grateful for every one of you. Anyway, we all brought something for our lunch. We had chicken instead of turkey, stuffing, salad,mashed potatoes, rolls, triple chocolate cake, and fruit cobbler. Yum! Not traditional, but I for sure am not complaining. 
  I did intercambios with Hermana Grenfell in Vecindario too. That was a little weird because she is about to finish her mission and she was my sister training leader in my first area. She said she was glad we made it full circle though haha. Anyway, she is an amazing missionary. She reminds me a lot of my trainer. I really admire her and how hard of a worker she is. I can almost guarantee I learned more from her than her from me, but it was a good change nonetheless.
  J came to church! And stayed all three hours! She was even sick... But she said she didn't want to leave. The talks and lessons were incredible, honestly. The talks were about repentance and the
atonement, which I think is always the best. We had a combined third hour and talked about the Europe Area plan for the church and how to better do it as members. It was really fantastic. Our bishop talked about how we can better fulfill our roles as members of we do this plan. Really informative and really strong spirit. Loved it!
  Anyway, things are good here. This might be the end of the transfer, but maybe not... The church is changing the time in the mtc for natives, so that changes our transfer dates now, so this transfer date isn't super firm yet, and we'll also be finding out my new release date... Sounds like it might be sooner. We'll see.
  Things are good here. I've been extremely blessed to see so many miracles here. I was reading a talk this morning called "Live above the law to be free" and also, "That Ye May Have Roots and Branches". They were both a lot alike. They talk about obedience and the blessings we receive for being obedient and how our obedience shows our love for the Lord. Really, I can't explain it better than this general authority does, so go read them!
My traditional turkey!
I love you all tons and tons! Have a great week! Hermana Griffin

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