Sunday, March 1, 2015

Typical week in a missionaries life

Spaniards talk a lot. A lot, a lot. Seriously. You´re lucky if your conversation in less than an hour and you havent said anything. They just go and go and go! Also, they are very animated talkers, they talk a lot with their hands, or touch your arm or something when they talk.

Hermana Fuller convinced me to cut my bangs again, so once again, I have bangs! I dont know how I feel about them this time, but everyone here loves them. Also, everyone thinks I´m German! It´s ridiculous!

I got lots of mail this week! Devin´s Christmas package, which was the best ever, complete with Reese´s, more chocolate and a Bing Crosby cd! What a guy! Also, a packet of cards from the ward. Tell everyone thank you so much for me. I wish I could respond to them all, but I only have so much time in the day. NOTE:  (PLEASE DON'T SEND packages for every package I get I have to pay double for it!)

I forgot to tell you about my New Years theory. So, on the 1st, a lot of our appointments cancelled, so we decided to contact. We were in the streets trying to stop people and get them to talk to us and no one would! So many people said they didn´t believe or whatever. So this is my theory. At some point in 2014, people tested God. They said, ok, "give me a sign or an answer before next year"... but that´s not how God works people! So then, when 2015 rolled around, and God didn´t do what they´d asked, they determined, well, God´s not real then, or God only cares about himself or any one of the many answers we heard lately. Anyway. That´s my theory.

We met this Evangelist lady this week. She told us we could stop by her piso and talk to her and her husband. We went by and started lesson 1. It went well until we talked about the Book of Mormon. The lady said she didn´t need any more scripture because she had the Bible and it was literally like she´d read 2 Nephi 29 and was quoting it back to us... I wanted to read it to her, but I refrained. Anyway, it was basically the most frustrating lesson ever, but she told me and my companion, and our member, Andres, that if we ever wanted to come back and talk about just Christ or about the Bible, we were more than welcome. They kept saying they had an open mind, but when we´d just ask them to pray or read a page of the Book of Mormon or anything, they said no. Anyway.

We had some really awesome points this week too. We were contacting in the streets on our way back to the piso at the end of the night, and no one would even stop and talk to us for a second. And this lady was clearly waiting for us after we stopped a couple who turned us away. She asked if we were trying to talk about Jesus and if everyone was saying no. We explained that we were and that we were missionaries, etc. She was so sweet and we talked to her for at least 45 minutes. She is really open minded, and everything she talked about is something we teach in the church. It´s amazing to see how the Lord is preparing people for the message of the gospel. We were doing everything we could and that´s when he helped us. That´s how the Lord works in this life. When we´re doing all we can, he will do all he can to help us be successful.

Also, we met this really great lady named K. She has 2 kids who are 8 and 6 and she´s a single mom. She talked to sister missionaries 4 years ago in Madrid, but somehow they lost touch. When we met her, she was really kind and offered to let us sit and talk to her. We invited her to the ward Family Home Evening that night, and SHE CAME! She´s wonderful! I know the gospel will bless her life and her children. We´re trying to meet with her this week too.                                                         

We found some treasures in our piso this week too! This awesome mix CD with disney music, kind of cheesy 80´s church music and this other music... this is the best I can describe it- think garage band, spanish, singing about missionary life. It´s the best CD ever. It has The Bear Necessities on it and I feel like that is my theme song right now on the mission. Also, we found a CD labeled, Praise to the Man, and we thought it would be music, but it was a movie. Pretty much the best movie ever, actually. It is about Joseph Smith and his life, from the perspective of WW Phelps. It´s great. See if you can get your hands on it.

I had my first meal appointment yesterday. The appointment was actually for one of the sets of Elders, but they couldn´t go, so they offered it to us. It was with a member and his wife. We of course accepted. When we walked in, all I could smell was mariscos... I can´t eat mariscos! I felt terrible! They had made this really great soup with shrimp and scallops and muscles and all sorts of stuff and I couldnt eat any of it. They made me chicken instead. I felt so bad, they had gone through so much work to make that and then I couldnt have it. Ugh. It was not a favorite moment of mine.

Also, I´ve had fresh milk from a cow now! Last night, we went to a member´s house and they have a bunch of cows. It was great! Better than the gross milk here. Just kidding, it´s not gross, it´s just not the best.

Hermana Fuller leaves this week. I'm a nervous to find out who my new companion will be. I´ll find out Saturday and meet her Monday. I´ll be sure to let you know all about her! I love you all!

Please take care of yourselves! I don't want any more terrible emails.(Dad had a heart attack And my old college roommate had a car accident) That was good for 1 1/2 years. I love you!

Hermana Griffin

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