Sunday, March 8, 2015

Oh NO TRANSFERS! Goodbyes are HARD

MY transfer...Not by phone call... but in person!I was just in shock. I was kind of expecting it, but at the same time, I felt blindsided. So I spent Sunday saying goodbye to everyone I loved.
Investigators, Members, Missionaries... SO DIFFICULT!
 I felt like I was being ripped away from my home. I don’t think I’ve cried so much in so long. Anyway, goodbyes are soooo HARD, and packing is miserable! I have so much stuff! And I don’t even know how because I don’t even have anything!
I had to say  goodbye to Hermana Ross. It was so hard to say goodbye to her... Shes been with me the whole mission, from Frankfurt to now and now she’s not with me. It's devastating. It was all just so sad. I already really hate transfers. What the heck.

This morning, we left at 8 to metro to the temple to meet my new companion. I felt bad because we met up with the Elders heading there too and they ended up taking my suitcases for me. Im just a helpless little Hermana, but I was so appreciative.
We got there and we waited a little and then came Hermana Sykes.
 I got off the Metro and literally all I thought of was…The Wizard of Oz, and how poor Dorothy must have felt, and that's what I was living. I’m trying not to be hard on this area, and be open-minded, but it's pretty clear so far that it’s no Alcobendas.
 Anyway, they are splitting the companionship here in B3, so we're starting from scratch. It'll be a lot of work .
That’s pretty much it. Sorry. I’m still shocked about leaving. I love you all though!

Have fantastic weeks!
Hermana Griffin

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