Sunday, March 1, 2015

Transfers today

So we had transfers today! Hermana Fuller left to go back home, and Hermana Clements came to Alcobendas to be my next trainer. She seems great so far. She is from, Utah. and 9 months in the mission. She seems really animated, which seems good so far. I´ve literally only known her for an hour now, so not much else to report there!

This week was good! I had some really good experiences. 

Last Monday, me and Hermana Fuller went thrift shopping. I bought a cute yellow jacket and a scarf. After, we met up with the other Hermanas and we got lunch at this sandwich shop. They have .50 cent sandwiches on Mondays. It was fun to just hang out and kind of relax. 
Second, when we got bocadillos from the scketchy warehouse by the office... those are legs of jamon behind us. dont let my smile fool you. Im not a huge fan of jamon as of right now, and also, my bocadillo was churizo, because it is 3178042358934780430856 times better!
Wednesday, we had our last district meeting with Hermana Fuller and our district leader Elder Cahoon. We knew for sure that the two of them were leaving. It was a nice little meeting. After, we went to get bocadillos. There is this shop that the office elders are always talking about. For 2 euros you get a drink and a bocadillo. So we thought we´d give it a try. It was soooooo sketchy! It was in this warehouse... Anyway. Long story short, pretty good! I got a chorizo bocadillo. Yum. Chorizo is easily one of my favorite things here!
Thursday, our ward mission leader had a lunch with all the missionaries as a farewell for Hermana Fuller and Elder Cahoon (who had been here for 6 months). Super yummy! He made paella with chicken for me, since I cant have it with shellfish. SO GOOD! After that, Hermana Fuller went to see the Lion King with another hermana (Hermana Crandall) and the Jacksons for her one cultural event that we get. She left and  Hermana Crandall´s companion, Hermana Turina, came to Alcobendas! It was great. Hermana Turina was the one from Tahiti that I was companions with in the CCM for about 2 weeks. She´s such a sweetheart. We had two dynamite lessons and it was so strange being "in charge". It was a little taste of my life for the next few weeks since Im area training now! I had to introduce the investigators, direct their lessons since I knew their needs and such and then also know the area! Fun and scary. Really great experience though and such a fun day with Hermana Turina. She´s so funny. One of our investigators, N, just loved Hermana Turina. She asked if we´d start coming more often to teach her and her son, so now we have two lessons a week with them. Her son,  is dyslexic and has been held back because of it. They told him if he doesnt pass English, they´re going to hold him back again. So we help him with English and teach him about the gospel. It´s easily one of my favorite parts of the week. They are just such sweet people.

Friday, we went to Wok (this chinese food restaurant) during Medio Dia  (the assistant to our ward mission leader), and the other Hermanas. It was really good! I had tons of delicious sushi too! Anyway, I made it all the way through this lunch without eating anything with shellfish... until the very end. I tried these chips and then A.told me that they were made with shrimp. Shrimp Chips!? That is not a real thing... who makes chips out of shrimp!? Well anyway, not a huge reaction, just hives. I popped some benadryl and was fine, just really drowsy the rest of the day.

Saturday, we got pizza. So much fun! We shared mission stories and stories from home and such. Just a way good time! I also found out that night that my companion was Hermana Clements. The Hermanas came over for one last sleepover before Hermana Fuller left. We just hung out and talked. I love having the other Hermanas so close.

Sunday, T came to church! And so did C. It was a nice Sunday. And it snowed! Just a little, but still! I took a picture, but you cant really tell. After church, all of the missionaries went to a member´s house. We had the most delicious and spanish meal ever. We had this codfish and garbonzo bean soup with homemade bread. Then we had jamon... Ok people. Jamon is interesting. It´s legitimately just a pig leg, that is like... dried? I dont really know. Anyway, it dries and it gets like moldy on the outside. Anyway, you cut off the outside and slice really thin the meat. It´s not salty or anything. It´s so weird. Im not a huge fan, but it´s slowly growing on me, I think. J let all of the missionaries that wanted to, slice off some of the jamon. I declined. Maybe next time. I hear he always lets the missionaries do it. After, we had arroz con leche. YUM! such an awesome and delicious meal. The rest of the day, we just stopped by member´s and investigator´s houses so Hermana Fuller could say goodbye.

Last night and this morning it snowed again! It´s just a little, but I love it. It´s super windy though, which Im not a fan of! I took a picture.
Like I said, such a good week! Saying goodbye to Hermana Fuller this morning was harder than I anticipated. But Im excited to start this next transfer with Hermana Clements. We are emailing early today because we have some shopping and unpacking to do.

Im glad to hear you´re all doing well! I love you all!

Hermana Griffin

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