Saturday, November 8, 2014

First Week In The Spain Missionary Training Center

November 6, 2014
Just a note from those of us who have been asked to help Hermana Griffin by keeping the blog up to date: We have been asked to not post any personal info for privacy reasons, we hope you understand and also the e-mail address for Hermana Griffin was originally entered incorrectly but that has been fixed, so feel free to send her emails as she can always use the support.

The food is sooooo good! Everything is better in Spain! Especially the peaches! We can't take pictures in the MTC, only outside and on P-days. On P-day we go to the temple in the morning. The temple is gorgeous! I love it sooooo much! We go to the park on Saturday and its hard but fun! I taught the ambassador from Belgium or Switzerland, I can't remember. He thought we were so great for being missionaries and leaving home. I also gave out a Book of Mormon and the lady asked us to come teach her after the park, but were not allowed to in the MTC, so it was just a referral, but still way exciting.

I have a language tutor because I am literally terrible at Spanish. My companion is a pro. Its a little frustrating. My roommates are the best. They are Hermana "J", "F" and "W" and Tuesday we are getting another from Provo named Hermana "O"! My District is the best. I love them. They're mostly from Utah, but one from Montana, two from California and one from England. We work so well together! Our district leader is second cousins with Heber C Kimball and 5th cousin of  Spencer W Kimball. He's totally amazing.

Anyway, I have no time to do anything. It´s constantly busy! I feel like they are just cramming info into my head and I absorb only the smallest fraction of info. Its not an effective way of teaching at all.

I love my morning teacher, Hermana "D", she's from the Malaga mission, but she served in Madrid with President Jackson. My second teacher is Hermana "S" who I don't understand at all and it worries me, because she's from Madrid. She's super difficult and frustrating. My last teacher is Hermano "R". He's from Portugal and doesn't have any formal training in Spanish but he´s way easy to understand and I think he's my favorite teacher.

Hermano "R" is one of our "investigators" Hugo. He is hard to teach because he always asks hard questions and I know so little Spanish to answer them, but it helps me learn, for sure. Hermana "D" is our other "investigator". She is easy to teach, but hard at the same time. I'll try to tell you more about her later.

These are the girls who flew from Frankfurt with me, the blonde one is Hermana "W", from my district.

I love you all! I miss you, when I have time to think about anything at all. I love you and pray for you all frequently. Please pray for me and the language. I'd appreciate it so much!
-Hermana Griffin
PS It won't let me send pictures because this is literally the worst computer/program ever.
I'll send them when I can.

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