Sunday, April 17, 2016


Hey family!
This week was super good! So first of all, we had concilio. It was great like usual, but super weird being back again after not being sister training leader. Anyway, learned a ton and really enjoyed it. It was so hard and sad to see 7 people from my group give their final testimonies though and know that I should be going with me, but won't be. But, it's ok, I just cried a lot. I love these people so much!
Then, Thursday, we had zone training. So good!!! The parts that me and my comp lead were so great! We were so unified and honestly, it's the first zone training that I didn't feel nervous leading. It was awesome to be able to do it with Hermana Turina. Also, to mix things up, we threw cake in Elder Maughan's face to demonstrate the way we sometimes teach versus how we should teach. We were explaining that we need to give a little at a time and not throw everything (knowledge, scriptures, commitments, etc) at the people we teach, because that unfortunately sometimes happens. It was great, it really helped the zone to relate what we were teaching, and after 4 transfers with Elder Maughan, it felt kind of good to through cake at him haha. We had intercambios after. We were with the hermanas from Torrejon. I was with Hermana Contreras who is Mexican but lives in Texas. She's so sweet, super funny. She's only got about 4 months in the mission but it was so great teaching with her. She's an amazing missionary. We talked about her area and she mentioned a concern she had about some people being baptized without really being ready. We talked about it for a while and the responsibility the missionaries have to ensure that people are ready. It really opened my eyes to how many people probably do get baptized without fully understanding the commitment and such, I guess that's what happens when the Lord works with imperfect people, especially when those people are teenagers, but also, it really showed me the importance of baptizing converts. I felt so grateful because I've been very blessed to have such strong converts in the gospel who really do understand the importance of the baptismal ordinance. Yesterday we had ward council. The whole time the bishop talked about the people me and Hermana Turina are teaching and nothing about those that the elders are teaching and he kept telling us and ward council how proud he was of us. Then after, he pulled the elders aside and told them they need to be more like us because of the incredible work we're doing. I don't feel like we're doing anything extraordinary, but it's nice to be recognized for our hard work. Also, this week we reached and even passed our goals, so it's been good. It's amazing, especially since we had an entire day and a half out of our area. Woo blessings! So I'm super happy.
It's been a good week and this week will be great too.
I'm so glad I'm with Hermana Turina, she's just the sweetest and is so patient with me. I love her.

 I hope you have a great week!

Hermana Griffin

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