Monday, June 15, 2015

Bowling and missionary work in Spain

Hola familia!

Sorry I didn't write last week. But bowling was fun. I didn't lose,
surprisingly enough... Ok, here are the
highlights for 2 weeks.

Abuelita got her transplant! She got a call and they had a kidney for
her! She is still in the hospital, but I hear she feels 10x better. I
literally started crying when I heard. Hermana Sykes called me to tell
me. She is just so wonderful and this is honestly the best news ever.

Ok, ready? K****, on of my investigators that I found in Alcobendas,
got baptized a few weeks ago and so did her 8 year old son D****.
J*****, my investigator from B3 is getting baptized in a few weeks and
S**** from B3 had his baptismal interview yesterday and is getting
baptized the 19th! Apparently I have a really good ability to find
people and have them get baptized as soon as I leave... Also, J***
from B3 finally asked her husband to start meeting with the hermanas
and they are both planning to get baptized this summer! So exciting!

We met this menos activo on he street named C*****. He just moved here
from Venezuela. He is the only member in his family. He is really
awesome. We are really excited to start meeting with his and his
family! His wife is super nice too. They are just the sweetest people.
Hermana Irigoyen is hoping they'll invite us all to eat. She says
Venezuelan food is good... We'll see.

We taught A****** and Y***** about tithing and they loved it! They
were like, yeah, it's a commandment of God, why wouldn't we pay it?
They told us about how they lost their baby too. I don't want to go
into too much info, but it was a really sad story. When that happened
to them, they said it was a really trail for their faith and after,
they went inactive in their church, because they felt like God wasn't
there for them and such. But shortly after is when they met the
Hermanas and then I came. They are really just starting over. We had a
really awesome lesson with them when they told us about that and the
spirit was super strong. We talked about trials and we shared parts of
D&C 121 and 122 and they really enjoyed it. I really admire them for
their faith and strength. They're amazing people.

This weekend was so awesome. The elders had a baptism and the spirit
was so strong. I've literally never felt the spirit like that in a
baptism before. Also, we had stake conference yesterday. So good! I
really enjoyed it. They talked a lot about the temple. The members
here really take for granted the temple and the fact that it is right
here. It's sad honestly. I wish I could go more often, I totally

We have several new investigators. S****** is from Peru. We gave her a
Book of Mormon and when we met with her, she had been reading it! It
was amazing! Next, M*****. He is a Spaniard! He had some questions
about the plan of salvation, so we taught him that and he really loved
it! We're meeting with him again tonight. We're really excited. Then
we have P**** and J***. They are from Angola. P**** walked by us one
night and said to Jose, I'm going to marry a Mormon. So me and Hermana
Spencer looked at each other and said... Let's go talk to him, so we
did. He said he has seen missionaries all his life in Angola and here
and they've never stopped him, but he's always wondered what we believe
and teach. So we met with them yesterday and P**** (who appeared more
interested at first) was a bit close minded, but J*** (who seemed to
want nothing) asked if he could have the Book of Mormon. It could have
gone better but P**** told us at the end, "God is telling me I should meet with you again, so we'll see them next weekend."

I love my companion too, and the other Hermanas. It's been a bit slow
because vacations and summer are starting, but it's been good. We're
making things work and at least meeting lots of people in the streets
if nothing else. It's fun. We have a new rule, if anyone has clothing
with English or an American flag on it, we talk to them. There are
tons and it works every time... People are generally fascinated by

Ok, last things. I tried fresh passion fruit juice and fresh tamarind
juice. So good!

Worst thing to happen yet in the mission... A bird pooped on me. Right
in the middle of my head. You better believe I literally ran home and
showered... So gross!

That's all. I love you tons! Have a great week
Hermana Griffin

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