Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Tax Day

Hola Familia!

Happy Transfer Day!!!! Im staying with Hermana Sykes. Im just happy to not have to move again, because moving stinks.

So, we went to the temple this week. I loved it. I love the temple!!!
And surprise, we get to go this week again!!!! On April 15th actually. Happy Tax Day! I´m so excited to go again and not have to wait another 5 weeks again. While we were in Pavones at the temple, we bought scriptures, and then met with her to give them to her. We signed them and wrote her little notes. I love that girl so much. I have seen a complete 360 turn around from her and she is such an amazing example of what the Lord is capable of doing. We gave her the scriptures and she freaked out. She cried and gave us huge hugs and she is so excited to use them which brings me such joy! Mostly because I know how powerful and special the scriptures are!

We met with J and for some reason we planned to teach her the word of wisdom since we had already taught her the first 3 missionary lessons. We didnt think that she really needed it but the thought kept coming back to us to teach it, so we did. It was such an awesome lesson, you wanna know why? Because she totally needed it. She told us she has no problems with the Word of Wisdom but her husband does and shes been really worried about him lately and this was exactly what she needed to hear and share with him. It was amazing. I know Ive said this several times the last few weeks, but it´s so true, the Lord really does know us and what we need and when we need it! We invited J last week to watch conference at home because she couldnt go all the way to Pavones with us to watch it. Well, she said she started to watch it and her husband told her he didnt want to hear it. So instead, she pulled up the readable version and said, well, Im going to read it and you can listen. So she started reading several talks to him. And they both loved them! She told us that before that, they were really having some problems with their relationship and then she read some talks which all talked about marriage and family. She said it was just what they needed and they both enjoyed it. The Lord knows us and what we need! After that, J agreed to come see a baptism at the church and even come to church Sunday. We´ve seen so much progress in her in the past few days. She is amazing. This is what she needed to hear and know to understand that the Lord is aware of her.

Speaking of conference. Alright, several weeks back, we met a woman on a bench crying. I dont know if I told you about her. Well, her name is I and we sat and talked to her. She told us that she had just left on vacation that her husband kept insisting that she not go on. When she returned back home, she found that her husband had died in his sleep. She felt responsible and to blame because she wasn’t there to do anything or help him. We explained a bit of the Atonement and The Plan of Salvation and it seemed to ease her mind a bit. She told us we were exactly the help she had needed. She gave us her number and told us to call her sometime and also gave us her address. Well she lives out of our area, so we passed her information,  and she shares a chapel with us! So we got the best elders we could think of to visit her, and now she´s meeting with the missionaries! She came to conference and loved it! She had met with the missionaries before when she was a teenager and never realized it, and when the elders explained The Book of Mormon, she pulled out her copy. She has been so prepared and is really progressing. I cannot wait for the day I can see her be baptized!

Do you remember the amazing member M who had done 7 dias de Salvación? Well, she called us this week and told us she had a reference for us. She had literally just met a woman on the street. This woman, A, had looked upset, so M asked her what was wrong. A told her she needed a job and was having no luck finding one, so M told her about a job she´d heard of. A told M she was different and very kind, and asked if she participated in a particular religion, so M started sharing a little about the church and invited her to come sometime. A said that would be great because she´s been looking for a church and wants to have a better relationship with her Heavenly Father, so she asked for the address and information for the church. M said she would do her one better and if she gave her her address and phone number, she could send "two angels" to her. So A did and said we could stop over that day! And just after she got the information, M called us. A is really nice and really has a ton of potential! She is interested in learning and trying to make changes. We have been so unbelievably blessed, especially from the hard work of members, like M.

We have a member who we all call Abuelita. Well, Abuelita has problems with her kidneys and she swells up with liquid in her abdomen. She´s constantly going to the hospital to have the liquid drained. Shes waiting for a new kidney, and has been for years, and it still doesnt seem likely that she´ll receive a transplant. Well, she is in the hospital right now, longer than normal, so we tried to pass by and visit her. I was appalled. I have literally never felt more blessed to live in the states. The hospital is literally dirty, everywhere! The quality of care is low. The nurses are impatient with literally everyone, even other nurses and doctors. And you can only have 2 people visit a patient during visiting hours and cannot switch the people. So one person was already visiting her, and we can’t split up, so we thought we´d wait for that person to leave, and turns out, that’s not allowed. I felt so bad, for everything... Pray for our Abuelita,please!

Sorry to end this email on a sad note... bad planning on my part, but that was my week!
I love you all. I feel so blessed to be seeing all these amazing miracles here. Remember the power of prayer! It really does work! The Lord knows each of us personally and will bless us if we pray with faith.
I love you! Have a good week!

Hermana Griffin

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